Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Health Center

The atlas3D platform gives visitors easy access to driving directions, parking information, as well as allowing staff to guide them to a specific room or location using our integrated wayfinding module.



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Professionals from this leading health center rely on atlas3D’s virtual mobile-ready navigation and wayfinding tools to improve their guest experience. Knowing this starts long before arrival, Roswell Park needed an interactive, interior wayfinding solution to complement existing signage. What atlas3D provided can be easily updated online to reflect changes on site.

“Roswell depends on atlas3D as an important touchpoint that helps improve its patient experience, making it easier for patients, guests, visitors, and even staff, to navigate its facilities.”

Gordon Boyes CEO concept 3D

Visual Cues

Management can update virtual
signage on demand to reflect changes
in signage on site.

Expert Navigation

Offer wayfinding capabilties from the parking lot to a specific room number to various amenities throughout the community.

Attention to Detail

Users can find directions to specific amentities, read informative descriptions, view pictures and videos, and even share the location with others.

“Through atlas3D’s simple and intuitive content management system, Roswell Park can update the signage and content of their interactive map in a matter of minutes. No coding required.”

– Carrie Nicholson