Taking accessibility into their own hands

Case Study of Interactive Maps with Southern Methodist University
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Taking accessibility into their own hands

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a large Dallas college that prides itself on its dedication to students. That means having the technology to help them navigate campus with accessibility, construction, and facility features and information clearly displayed. All of that and more is exactly what SMU saw in Concept3D’s Interactive Campus Maps.

Southern Methodist University’s story

Southern Methodist University’s extraordinary campus is nestled right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Even after celebrating their centennial in 2013, SMU stands firm on their priorities—keeping the community tightly-knit, maintaining accessibility requirements, and fostering a legacy of appreciation for their students.

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The challenges SMU faced before Concept3D

Without a virtual campus tour, the school had no way to showcase everything that made them unique or effectively manage projects for upcoming building construction or events. In addition, trying to implement more disability accessibility throughout campus by themselves required a lot of hard work for little reward.

Why SMU chose Concept3D

In October 2021, after comparing different solutions and stumbling upon Texas A&M’s campus map, SMU took the plunge with Concept3D. Our Interactive Campus Map solution was perfect for adhering to ADA guidelines, construction and facilities project management, and its usability for all departments of the school.

How SMU utilized Interactive Campus Maps

SMU’s Interactive Campus Map from Concept3D has made managing and updating construction and facilities projects in real time seamless, not only on the back-end, but for students as well. The team also uses event and seasonal overlays to clearly label things like electrical outlets and the best pathways to take when campus gets dark. Above it all, they can focus on seamlessly displaying the hard work they put into making the campus look amazing.

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“Our [facilities’] project management team has really embraced this map as a huge tool.”

Gail Darden, Director of Quality Assurance and Communication

Initial Results

Since its implementation, Concept3D’s Interactive Campus Map has helped all departments of SMU manage campus events and showcase the school’s story. Additionally, the university is now confident that they have the most accessible campus map in the market; with the intuitive CMS, the school can label critical features of their map, including parking lots and, through wayfinding, wheelchair-accessible paths.

“We have had nothing but positive comments from all levels of folks who have really enjoyed and embraced this map.”

Gail Darden, Director of Quality Assurance and Communication

Southern Methodist University is dedicated to their campus, culture, and students. With Concept3D’s Interactive Map, they demonstrate that appreciation tenfold.

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