Digital Accessibility

“Concept3D is committed to digital accessibility, supporting our customers, and building and offering inclusive products and services. We embrace this ongoing journey and the philosophy of continuous improvement.”

Gordon Boyes, CEO of Concept3D

Our Commitment to Reaching All Audiences

We work to make Concept3D products and solutions accessible to the largest possible audience including users of varied abilities. Concept3D has adopted the accessibility standards and guidelines defined by the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA 2.1 standards and we are already working to comply with WCAG 2.2. We use the industry accepted VPAT version 2.3 to document and communicate a product’s conformance with current WCAG. Our VPATs are updated regularly.

“We looked at several map options. Concept3D was the only solution that was accessible, which was one of our ‘must-have’ requirements. The map had several features we were looking for and it met the legal specifications for web accessibility”


Debbie Nichols, Fresno City College

Our Approach to Accessibility

Concept 3D is committed to digital accessibility – we are invested in it with every fiber of our being. Our goal is to make it easier for you to achieve digital accessibility in the spaces where you interact with both your prospective and current student & user populations, while also increasing inclusivity for those with disabilities.

That means embracing not just the four POUR Principles. POUR principles are at the heart of digital accessibility and the WCAG standards.

At Concept3D we also consider ARIA standards. ARIA goes beyond POUR in defining particular attributes that can ensure accessibility for users with any disabilities. Following it is complex, but we’re making sure that every guideline is part of our development process so our customers don’t need to worry about this variable on their end.

Our goal is to ensure a positive experience for all users, regardless of their disability status. We also know we are never done and that Digital accessibility is a journey, not a destination. Concept3D is continuously seeking to improve our digital accessibility and we welcome your feedback on opportunities you come across.

Accessibility in Our Products

Alt text

Alt text (alternative text) is the description of appearance or function of an image or visual on a web page. Alt text is read aloud by screen readers used by visually impaired users, displays in place of an image if it fails to load and is also indexed by search engines.

Scalable Text

Scalable allows users to increase the text size up to 200% without disrupting the page layout or viewing experience.

Virtual tour screenshot, with default zoom level.Virtual tour screenshot, with 200% zoom level.

Keyboard Navigation

Ensure that functionality is usable with the keyboard. That is, users can access and move between links, buttons, forms, and other controls using the Tab key and other keystrokes. Our solutions do not require a mouse.

Semantic HTML

HTML is the language of the web — it provides the tools to present content and structure of web pages. Accessible web pages utilize semantic HTML, HTML code that tells the person or machine reading the code what each element does.

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