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Bridging Campuses in the Digital Age

Sierra College, a beacon of higher learning in the heart of California with multiple campuses, faced a modern dilemma. Their challenge wasn’t just about attracting students—it was about connecting them to a dynamic campus life. The college’s reliance on outdated PDF maps was more than a nuisance; it was a barrier to showcasing the vibrant, ever-evolving campus environment crucial for attracting and retaining students.

The Challenge: Navigating Change in Real-Time

As Sierra College expanded, its physical landscape was in constant flux, with new buildings and renovations altering the campus face regularly. The limitations of PDF maps in representing multiple campuses and categorizing campus building/features added to the complexities. During our interview a member of Sierra’s team said, “Sierra College has several exciting construction projects underway to enhance and expand our offerings for students and the community. This means that paths of travel, pedestrian access, parking, etc. are often in flux and can change on a weekly or even daily basis.” The college needed a solution as dynamic as its own evolution.

The Digital Leap: Concept3D Interactive Map

Enter Concept3D’s Interactive Map: a game-changer for Sierra College. This solution allowed for real-time updates to instantly show ongoing construction changes on the map. In addition, its ability to represent the campus’s varied topography, including hills, enhanced the accessibility of the map.

“The topography of our campuses is varied and includes a number of hills and inclines. We wanted to do everything we could on the map to highlight accessible routes”

Measurable Outcomes: A Shift in Campus Navigation

Average Sessions increase YoY
Sessions in ONE day
Higher than the Daily Average

The impact was immediate and measurable. Students began exploring the campus through their smartphones, seamlessly finding their way. Google Analytics further validated the increased usage, showing spikes in map interactions, particularly during the crucial beginning-of-semester periods. Their average sessions have increased 33% YoY and their peak day of usage drove 5000 sessions – 19x higher than the daily average.

“There’s been a huge shift in how we see students navigating around campus… they’re navigating and walking around with their phone!”

Moreover, the interactive map supported various campus initiatives, being able to tie their multiple campuses into one interactive map and showcasing all the construction projects going on around campus in real time.

Strategic Vision Realized

Concept3D’s solution was more than a navigational aid; it was a strategic asset. It dovetailed with Sierra College’s core objectives: promoting inclusivity and accessibility, boosting student recruitment and retention, and reflecting campus developments. The interactive map was no longer just a tool; it became a digital ambassador for Sierra College, inviting students and staff alike to be part of a continuously evolving educational journey.

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