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Case Study of the Interactive Maps for Kansas City Chiefs
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“Enhancing the fan experience remains a primary objective for us, and a crucial element in achieving this is ensuring seamless access to comprehensive information through a user-friendly and mobile-responsive platform. Concept3D’s interactive map empowers us to deliver personalized information to every fan, precisely when and where they require it.”

Nick Capo, VP of Event Operations, Kansas City Chiefs

A Championship Story

The Kansas City Chiefs are three-time Super Bowl champions recently winning following the 2019 and 2022 seasons. In order to achieve this level of success, the Chiefs set the highest standards both on- and off-the-field. Their home field, GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, is well known for having one of the fiercest home field advantages with 73,000 fans reaching over 142 decibels of noise for Chiefs games. And it comes as no surprise that the Chiefs are always looking to raise the bar and deliver a championship experience for their incredibly loyal fans across Chiefs Kingdom.

73,000 Chiefs fans descend on GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium each game, needing to manage their parking, figure their navigation to the stadium, and identify food, beverage and other services in the stadium. To meet the needs of the more than 600,000 fans who attend games throughout a season the Chiefs sought out a solution that could streamline location information, mapping, and wayfinding to improve the overall fan experience. Nick Capo, responsible for event operations at the Kansas City Chiefs, selected Interactive Maps by Concept3D to deliver a better experience for fans & guests.

Challenge and Opportunity

For fans of Chiefs Kingdom, game day excitement can also come with logistical anxiety as they must develop a plan for navigating to the stadium and through the nearly 20,000 parking spots in the Truman Sports Complex to their desired tailgating location. Next, fans must determine the most efficient way to enter the stadium, make their way through security, and locate their seats. Once seated, fans are excited to discover and navigate to any of the dozens of amazing concession options available, merchandise locations, and of course find conveniently-located restrooms. And for Kansas City Chiefs fans with a disability, identifying accessible or wheelchair-friendly routes added an additional level of stress to the game day experience.

Providing all this information to each of the 73,000 fans in attendance can be a challenge. In particular, the Chiefs recognized an opportunity to improve parking information, navigation experience, and deliver information in a digital, mobile-friendly manner. Game-day staff had a difficult time answering questions because they are generally seasonal and part-time workers, and expecting them to know every last detail of the stadium was a huge challenge. They needed a solution that could answer these questions to improve the fan & guest experience.


The Chiefs selected Concept3D’s Interactive Map solution to improve their fan & guest experience after evaluating options and considering alternatives. Concept3D was the most robust solution for their needs, from parking information, to navigation, and consistent branding. The Map also met the needs of accessibility, mobile-friendliness, and analytics which were all important to the Chiefs.

“I hold Concept3D and their team in high regard. We greatly value the collaborative and guiding approach they took throughout the process, from pre-launch to providing support throughout the season. They consistently met our needs and exceeded our expectations.”

Nick Capo, VP of Event Operations, Kansas City Chiefs


The Chiefs saw a significant improvement in helping fans and guests navigate their game day journey. Concept3D’s Interactive Map shows Chiefs Kingdom the best way to park, to their seats, back to their cars, and finally return to the comfort of their home, saving time and preventing navigation frustration.

“In advance of going into the stadium, I could easily see where the closest amenities (restrooms, food, drink, etc.) were to my seat. Gameday, I easily navigated after parking in lot C and figured out where I needed to enter the stadium and the best way to my seats. It was cool and efficient to use!”

Alice Arredondo, Kansas City Chiefs Game Day Visitor

The Chiefs also leveled up their game day staff member’s ability to answer fan’s questions with the ‘search’ function within the platform. “We provide continuous, ongoing training for our game day staff. However, before the Interactive Map, event staff were challenged trying to remember all aspects of the game day operation and fan experience. The search function in Concept3D’s Interactive Map now empowers our staff members to quickly find answers and locations to any question that our fans may have on game day.”

The digital team was impressed with the high user engagement results. There were over 170,000 views of the map and an average visit time of 7 mins. Nick mentioned “our digital team analyzed an increase in usage game over game, people were coming back to the map and that data showed us it was useful to our guests.”

“I believe we have only begun to explore the full potential of the interactive map. As someone who invests considerable time in creating plans, the ability to digitize and share them with a wide audience is truly remarkable. I cannot emphasize enough the impressive capabilities it offers.”

Nick Capo, VP of Event Operations, Kansas City Chiefs

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