Tucson Convention Center

The Tucson Convention Center has 205,000 square feet of space for meetings, conventions, trade shows, and banquets, as well as three performance facilities for sporting events, ice shows, theatrical performances, and concerts. Use 3D map software to create an unforgettable sales tool for you to show off to potential clients.
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Tuscon Convention Center + Concept3D

Virtual Tours

VR enabled 360-degree panorama images of real life views on any device. Tucson Convention Center can have potential visitors and clients go on an interactive campus tour of their center.

Expert Navigation

Wayfinding capabilities from the parking lot, to a specific room number, to various amenities throughout the community.

Attention to Detail

Users can find directions to specific amenities, where then they can read informative descriptions, see pictures, videos, and even share the location with others. TCC does a great job showcasing things to do in the surrounding areas, so after the event participants can explore Tucson.

Tucson Convention Center

Explore the Tucson Convention Center

“Vast spaces like the Tucson Convention Center can be difficult to visualize and hard to navigate. This facility relies on the Concept3D interactive mapping and media platform to put their visitors virtually on the ground, serving up 360° Photospheres, floor plans, room configurations, photos, videos, and more.”

Gordon Boyes, Concept3D CEO

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