6 05, 2021

7 Ways Virtual Tours Can Boost Your Marketing

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Virtual tours have gradually become an increasingly important piece in higher education marketing over the past decade. When COVID-19 changed everything in the college recruitment process last year, that trend only accelerated. Today, a virtual campus experience, or virtual tour, is among the important pieces a college or university can offer to prospective students and their families.

17 03, 2021

10 Marketing Goals You Can Achieve with Virtual Tour Software

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As markets become more competitive, marketing strategies become increasingly diversified. No modern marketing professional is tasked with simply achieving a single goal. Instead, the strategy is likely built on a variety of layered objectives, all ultimately driving towards growth and success in multiple ways. Why are 360 virtual experiences so important? Let's find out. 

28 01, 2021

How to Create a Virtual Tour for Your Hospital: A Beginner’s Guide

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The past year has seen a rapid transformation in the healthcare sector. Within weeks, practices and facilities in all medical specialties went into virtual environments to accommodate their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, ten months into the pandemic and with vaccinations on the horizon, it's time to stop the band-aid solutions and build long-term virtual experiences for your audiences.

24 11, 2020

Understanding the Standard and Advanced Features of the Concept3D 360° Tour Software

By |2021-08-16T04:47:15-06:00November 24, 2020|Digital Maps, Virtual Tours|0 Comments

In a time when in-person visits have become increasingly restricted, virtual engagement matters more than ever. Accordingly, interactive digital maps and tours have entered the mainstream in industries ranging from higher education to hospitality and healthcare. They've even begun to make an impact in less common subject areas like employee recruitment and data centers. The height of this feature is 360 tour software. 

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