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Find, engage and recruit students who meet your strategic enrollment priorities.

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Produce Matches, Not Leads.

Our platform provides you with student profiles that are an exact fit for your institution’s criteria, reducing the time and resources spent chasing leads and reviewing unfit applications.

Access a Broad Range of Students

Showcase your institution to a diverse pool of potential students from various regions and backgrounds, increasing the reach of your admissions process.

Direct Communication

Connect directly with potential students that match your criteria, facilitating a more personal and efficient recruitment process.

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Adapt to a consistently changing landscape while putting students at the forefront of your efforts.

  • Combat rising recruitment costs by focusing on best-fit matches
  • Increase applications by removing barriers and communicating directly with prospects
  • Boost yield by shifting your approach from buying names to investing in matches


Put your best foot forward with tailored messaging and outreach focused on best-fit prospective students.

  • Boost application rates by removing barriers in the process
  • Find students who match with your institution’s unique characteristics
  • Enhance communication by bypassing the spam folder and reaching out to students

Enrollment Management

Support efficiency in your enrollment process while adapting to address growing concerns about enrollment trends and educational outcomes.

  • Make the most of your staff’s limited time and resources by focusing on matches, not chasing leads
  • Boost ROI on marketing and recruitment investments
  • Strengthen the sense of community on your campus by having a personalized dialogue directly with prospective students

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