Getting Students Excited About the Community and the College

Case Study of 360° Tours with Sinclair Community College
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Getting students invested in the community and the college

Sinclair Community College, located in downtown Dayton, Ohio, takes pride in its award-winning faculty and academic programs, as well as its historic community. Unfortunately, its homegrown virtual tour solution did not successfully exemplify the best parts of campus and the surrounding areas.

Luckily, 360° Tour from Concept3D had exactly what the team needed. With this immersive virtual tour solution, Sinclair Community College could successfully draw more attention to campus and get prospects excited about the community.

“We wanted to provide a first glance before students come and actually visit our school.”
Justin Fiehrer, Manager of Enrollment Communications

Sinclair’s story

Sinclair Community College is an accessible and successful college fiercely dedicated to its community. As the oldest continuously running community college in the United States, Sinclair also boasts one of the lowest tuition rates in the state of Ohio. However, that doesn’t mean their programs suffer. On the contrary, Sinclair Community College’s academia thrives within their extensive programs, including their health sciences, automotive, and theater departments.

“We’re super proud of our programs and our award-winning faculty and we wanted to be able to showcase that to students that maybe hadn’t thought about us before.”
Justin Fiehrer, Manager of Enrollment Communications
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The challenges Sinclair Community College faced before Concept3D

Before finding Concept3D, creating their own 360-degree tour videos to display on their website didn’t allow Sinclair to efficiently advertise the alluring campus and surroundings to keep students engaged. Furthermore, COVID-19 has shifted consumer expectations; a virtual tour option is no longer a want, but a need. Sinclair needed to adapt to keep up with rising demands to stay relevant during the pandemic.

“The landscape of higher education and visits is very unpredictable right now”.
Justin Fiehrer, Manager of Enrollment Communications

Why Sinclair chose 360° Tours

Justin Fiehrer, the 360° Tour power user, was familiar with Concept3D’s Interactive Campus Map software from a previous college employer and trusted the product. And after nearly a year of online research and timing assessment, Sinclair chose 360° Tour to virtually showcase their campus in the wake of an unpredictable pandemic. The team also loves that they can own and input their own media and edit it on their own time.

How Sinclair uses 360° Tours

Since its implementation, the Sinclair Community College team has utilized their 360° Tour to display not only the most beautiful and interesting aspects of their campus, but of downtown Dayton as well. Community is vital to the school, so Sinclair uses 360° Tour to virtually exhibit certain areas that students wouldn’t be able to see in-person, or with another virtual tour solution. In addition, the Sinclair team uses the hotspot feature to add supplementary pieces of content within each tour stop to keep students engaged.

Initial Results

Sinclair Community College can now successfully provide a first glance of their campus right on their website with 360° Tour. The team has already noticed that students are filling out the Request for Information form within the tour, telling them that people are interested.

“Concept3D hit all of the main things that we wanted.”
Justin Fiehrer, Manager of Enrollment Communications

Sinclair Community College is dedicated to helping students experience all that Dayton has to offer. With 360° Tour, they can achieve that and more.

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