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Unleash the power of personalization and build a sense of belonging on campus by connecting student interests with campus events, communities, and locations.

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Concept3D has served the education community for over a decade with our award-winning interactive campus maps, event management solutions, and virtual tours. We work closely with admissions, marketing, and facilities to help recruit prospects and serve students, parents, staff, and alumni.

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The Perfect Campus Starts with the Student

My Campus Experience starts with the interests of the student. After a student builds their profile, they are shown a personalized dashboard of campus life that relates to their interests.

Showcase Their Future Student Life

Empower students to connect with peers and school staff through meaningful events in groups tailored to their interests, fostering a sense of belonging right from their first week on campus.

Create a Sense of Belonging on Campus

Connect students with extracurricular groups that align with their passions or recommend events that dovetail with their academic ambitions to foster life-long friendships with like-minded students.

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For Marketing

Forge deeper connections by aligning students’ passions with unique campus offerings and events.

  • Increase affinity for your school through personalized digital interactions
  • Drive engagement and foster a sense of belonging from the first click
  • Optimize campaigns with insights gained from individual student interactions

For Admissions

Optimize recruitment by aligning aspirational students with tailored academic and extracurricular pathways.

  • Boost application rates with a custom campus journey for each prospective student
  • Showcase the diverse facets of campus life, sparking interest and excitement
  • Enhance communication strategies with a focus on individual student interests and goals

For Student Engagement

Foster a vibrant campus community by connecting students with clubs, events, and initiatives that ignite their passion.

  • Build a supportive environment with personalized engagement from day one
  • Encourage participation and involvement through tailored recommendations
  • Strengthen the sense of community by connecting like-minded individuals and groups

Concept3D for your team

Bring your world to life virtually, showcase your location, and effectively tell your story.

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Create location-driven virtual experiences that immerse your viewers.

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Client Support

Each client matches with a dedicated client success manager, eager to help.

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Device Compatibility

Our interactive products are web based and integrable into proprietary apps.

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Unlimited Edits

Take control of your 360º Tour or Interactive Map with our CMS.

My Campus Experience use cases

Screenshot of SMU's interactive campus map

Welcome new students with a personalized orientation experience

Screenshot of Michigan Tech's interactive campus map

Welcome visiting prospective students with a tailored digital package

Screenshot of Ole Miss's interactive campus map

Welcome visiting parents and alumni with a customized digital campus guide

360º Tour:

Use Cases:

  • A 360º fully immersive view of campus.
  • A window into campus life for prospective students.
  • Recruiting international and out of state students.
  • Telling your unique campus or college story.
  • Help students decide if they want to visit your university.
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Optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, our interactive experiences allow you to connect with your audiences where and how they prefer.

Showing our Interactive campus map is mobile ready
Case Study

Michigan Technological University

Michigan Technological University is a public research university offering over 120 undergraduate and graduate degrees to their student body of over 7,000. After connecting a Slate form to their interactive map, they reached a 4% form completion rate. Of those that filled out the form, 32% were prospective students’ first touch with Michigan Tech. Twenty-one of those students now attend Michigan Tech.
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Michigan Tech

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