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Case Study of Interactive Maps with Crane Island
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For VP of Sales & Marketing/real estate folks

Do you care about getting more people interested in your property’s community? Telling your community’s story seamlessly and in just enough detail? How about marketing your property as the best first choice of any prospect? Then this is the case study for you.

“It definitely has established [that] “we’re for real—we’re here to help you understand. It’s a 2-3 million dollar purchase, and we’re here to advise you and give you solid content that you can trust.”

John Hillman, VP of Sales & Marketing
What’s life here going to be like?’ Your platform does and will continue to tell that story.”
John Hillman, VP of Sales & Marketing

Crane Island’s story

Plotted on roughly 200 acres of natural bliss, Crane Island prides itself not only on their environmental stewardship, but how they display the social aspects of the community as well. Even their architecture is a reflection of the environment. In the words of the VP of Sales & Marketing, John Hillman, Crane Island is their “own little wonderland right on the intercoastal waterway.”

Leveraging Interactive Maps to tell a community’s story

Crane Island is a real estate development of picturesque properties sitting on a barrier island adjacent to Amelia, Florida. Surrounded by nature, the island is vibrant and lively, and the Crane Island team needed a way to showcase the culture and community. However, managing their own custom map required extra development time and didn’t have as much detail as they would have liked to show.

Good thing Interactive Maps by Concept3D came into the picture. This immersive mapping solution allows Crane Island to display exactly what makes the community unique and attractive, showing buyers what a day in the life on the island looks like.

If you can get people bought into the place, then you can get people bought into your community.”
John Hillman, VP of Sales & Marketing
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Crane Island challenges before Concept3D

The custom maps Crane Island utilized in the past to display the environment and available land plots took too long to update. As a real estate developer with a tech background, Hillman noticed an opportunity to more effectively communicate the island’s story through technology.

Why Crane Island chose Concept3D

Hillman decided to move forward with Concept3D’s Interactive Map because it was an elegant, all-in-one package with the ability to seamlessly showcase a day in the life at Crane Island, whether that be on the water, downtown, or in a house.

Additionally, the platform’s intuitive content management system was easy to use and displayed all content changes in real time, without having to wait.

List of virtual tours shown on phone

How Crane Island uses Interactive Maps

Crane Island’s Interactive Map is the best way to show potential buyers what it’s like to live in the community. Using the hotspot and tours features, they can display points of interest on the island, including bike baths to beaches, grocery stores, the downtown area, and the best Taco Tuesday restaurants—Hillman recommends Kitchen 251 and Timoti’s. (Take a look at them on their map.) Crane Island also uses the Interactive Map’s categories to clearly label the availability, size, and price of all plots on the island in real time.

“It was a great way to let people see things they could use and enjoy using your tour functionality. And it lets us as content creators really tell our version of downtown.”
John Hillman, VP of Sales & Marketing

Initial Results

Hillman uses Crane Island’s Interactive Map everyday as an essential sales tool. He has also placed the map on their website for public accessibility and transparency. It gives buyers an interactive perspective into what Crane Island is all about. The CMS allows Hillman to quickly edit information for consumers so everything is up-to-date.

“I literally use [the Concept3D] platform every single day in every single sales presentation . . . What I love about your tool is, not only is it something I can show in a sales presentation, but it’s something that a consumer can actually take home and enjoy immediately.”
John Hillman, VP of Sales & Marketing

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