Using a Digital Map and an Events Calendar to Connect Time and Place

Case Study of Localist integration into Concept3D Maps

Localist and Concept3D share a passion for enabling community and fueling community building for their customers. Everyday both companies drive community connections for their respective client bases as they deliver their respective unified events and interactive mapping and virtual experience solutions. The Localist-Concept3D partnership and integration allows mutual customers to add yet another community building capability for their stakeholders. With this integration mutual customers can better connect the ‘what & when’ to the ‘where’.

About Localist

Localist is an interactive events calendar that makes it easy to market every event that happens on campus. Localist is a leader in the space because of their ability to white label their entire platform for a seamless branding experience for higher ed. They also integrate with many other platforms out-of-the-box, such as Slack, Salesforce, and Zoom. Whether the event is a meetup, a ticketed event, or free, Localist is designed to support all events, large and small.

See it in action

One example shows an event page from Michigan Tech University’s website. A banner highlights the Concept3D Interactive Map. From here, a user can see where the location is, images and videos of the building, and its basic information beneath the additional media. In addition, the user can also get public transport, driving, or walking directions to the event location using Concept3D’s Wayfinding feature.

When a user selects the events category, they’ll see pins pop up on the map. This tells the user where the events are on the map, and will allow the user to use Wayfinding to get there from any location. After clicking a pin on the map, more information regarding the building and/or the event will display. This includes the event address, date, time, and a link that will take them directly to the Localist event site, where they can view more about it or sign up for the event.

“The integration between products allows us to easily move our events calendar visitors over to our campus map for additional, custom location details—which gives them an opportunity to also look at our virtual tours, recruitment links, etc. Having the Concept 3D rendering within the Localist event information not only provides a seamless experience to our visitors, but also a more realistic view of campus and the buildings instead of a flat map.”
Meagan Ross, Michigan Tech University

About Concept3D

Concept3D has served the education community for over a decade with our award-winning interactive maps and virtual tours. Interactive maps are a powerful visual communication solution for all your campus information with powerful features like data feeds, embedded forms, and wayfinding.

Mutual customers can integrate Localist and Concept3D’s Interactive Map in real time. A Data Feed integration can be set up to automatically pull event information from Localist listings. This creates an “Event” category on the map that users can toggle to find events around campus. Events can be segmented by day of, this week, and next week. This increases the visibility of Localist listings, given that Interactive Maps can attract up to 73,000 web visitors a month.

Easy to implement

The teams have worked together to develop a no-code implementation for the end-user so self-setup is easy. Note, the Data Feed integration will require extra development work.

The integration helps to enhance each platform’s experience. It makes event location wayfinding more precise and accessible while increasing digital visibility to Localist events.

Events through Localist.

Initial Results

If you are a current Localist and Concept3D customer, please reach out to your customer success manager to learn more and get started.

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