Exceed visitor expectations with an engaging 3D reality map experience that reaches them on a new level. atlas3D’s powerful mapping tool increases virtual access to every type of facility in any location at any size.

Who We’ve Helped

Convention Centers

Convention centers serve as a hub for visitors to gather, learn, collaborate, and more in any given city. Our partners adopt atlas3D’s 3D mapping to bring even the largest facilities to life. Getting all the decision makers for a show or conference in the same place at the same time can be challenging and expensive. atlas3D makes it easy for a venue to showcase their entire campus, plan potential usage, and provide a tool to better serve partners, investors, and visitors alike.


From the ER to intensive care, pediatrics to oncology, every aspect of your medical facility can benefit from the use of atlas3D’s virtual hospital software. Help patients and visitors find their way with printable directions maps and mobile wayfinding. Allow patients to explore your facility prior to care with our interactive tour software. Let them see all the amenities you have to offer, and showcase what makes your facility unique with atlas3D’s robust exploratory features.

Retirement Communities

Ease the transition for new and prospective residents and their loved ones. Before a family even steps onto your campus, atlas3D can walk them through what to expect, how to get around, and what services and resources you offer through 3D tour software.


As a hotel operator, you know the importance of a strong online presence. Our hotel clients can allow their guests to get familiar with the location before arriving. Future guests can explore dining options, peek inside the fitness center, and visit the pool – all during the booking process. atlas3D can enhance everyone’s experience and help them get to know not only your hotel, but the surrounding area. They’ll get a real-time virtual web view and easily find their way with interactive directions once they arrive.


No matter the destination, make your travelers’ journey a more pleasant one. Our interactive 3D airport models help passengers locate their gate, find their luggage, and maintain more control over their travel experience. Whether a new concourse or updated travel lounge, atlas3D’s interactive airport map layering allows you to navigate flyers around construction, plan and illustrate the project to stakeholders, and create directions maps.

Data Centers

atlas3D’s virtual tours and interactive mapping let you market and manage your facility online in a way that’s as good as being there. Constructing a new data center is a complex venture, but with a 3D rendering of the proposed building you can create interest and secure financing before even breaking ground. Once your facility is functional, allow clients to securely plan and visualize their server configuration in MapSpacer without an onsite visit. 

How We Can Help You

atlas3D is more than a map. Its interactive mapping and virtual tours are designed to provide stunning recreations of any space, along with useful tools to create a comprehensive exploratory experience for your customers and visitors.

Marketing Team

  • Show off your location’s unique features and benefits
  • Build strong visual assets to improve your online and on-site experience
  • Inform investors and stakeholders of upcoming opportunities
  • Advertise on-site events

Facility Supervisor

  • Provide an elevated customer experience by managing flow of cargo and productivity of employees
  • Monitor your facility with live feeds and constant communication through VitalPath
  • Turn weaknesses into advantages by creating better plans and movement throughout your space

Tech Lead

  • Take your employer to the next level
  • Provide a tool that everyone in the company will want to utilize
  • Brag to friends and competitors about your facility’s new capabilities
  • Be proud of working at a space that utilizes the latest technology

Planning Department

  • Map out the perfect customer experience
  • Create strong communication with event planners and other 3rd parties
  • Set accurate expectations for incoming events and visitors
  • Allow for early engagement with your space so guests know what to expect before they arrive

"altas3D’s photospheres really allow us to show rather than tell what separates our studios from others."

– Corepower Yoga