Shell Point Retirement Community

Retirement Community

Shell Point Retirement Community taps the atlas3D platform to improve the resident and guest experience with interactive media, 3D models, wayfinding and virtual tours.


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Shell Point Retirement Community is the largest retirement community in the State of Florida and among the largest lifecare communities in the world.

“At Shell Point, atlas3D serves as a powerful marketing and awareness tool that allows families to visit virtually and get excited about the community. The platform supports its community of residents and can utilize its benefits for long-term care, independent living, and assist living.”

Gordon Boyes CEO concept 3D

Virtual Tours

VR enabled 360-degree panorama images of real life views on any device.

Expert Navigation

Wayfinding capabilties from the parking lot, to a specific room number, to various amenities throughout the community.

Attention to Detail

Users can find directions to specific amentities, where then they can read informative descriptions, see pictures, videos, and even share the location with others.

“Our residents are getting more savvy with technology and they kept asking for a tool that would guide them from location to location on the Shell Point campus.”


 – Mike Haber, Digital Media Manager at Shell Point Retirement Community