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Transforming the First Week on Campus into a Tailored Journey for Every Student

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The Critical Challenge of the First Week

The initial week at college can define a student’s entire experience. From understanding their course load to making new friends, it’s a time that can be overwhelming and isolating. Traditional orientation processes often fail to address individual interests and needs.

Of students say they have considered dropping out in the past six months
Increase in students considering dropping out over the past 2 years

*Survey data provided by Niche.com

Why Personalized Orientation Matters

What if the first days on campus for every new student felt like a personalized journey crafted just for them? A personalized onboarding can increase engagement, lead to higher satisfaction, and boost retention rates. The bottom line is that students that experience personalized onboarding and orientation content are more likely to participate in campus life, fostering a sense of community. Meeting individual needs and interests creates a more satisfying orientation experience, laying the foundation for a successful college journey. Additionally, the connection between engagement in the first week and 5 year graduation rates and retention is strong.

My Campus Experience – Unlocking Personalization for Every Student at Scale

The My Campus Experience platform transforms student orientation by crafting a personalized approach to welcoming and integrating every new student into the campus community. It offers tailored guidance by providing a personalized dashboard of campus life that directs students to the classes, events, clubs, and activities that align with their unique interests. Students will benefit from recommendations from sporting and athletic events to speakers and concerts. Connect students with extracurricular groups that align with their passions or recommend events that dovetail with their academic ambitions, creating instant communities and friendships that endure beyond orientation week.

With the ability to deliver personalized orientation experiences at scale, colleges and universities can meet students where they are and provide unprecedented personalized onboarding for every prospective student, distinguishing your institution in a crowded field.

Experience The Future of Student Orientation

My Campus Experience isn’t just a tool; it’s a paradigm shift in how colleges and universities approach student orientation. With personalized content, community connections, and engagement like never before, it’s transforming how new students experience their critical first week, resulting in a more engaged student body and improved matriculation rates. My Campus Experience ensures students feel part of the community from day one, influencing their decision to continue their education. See how your students can experience the future of student orientation.

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