Welcome Visiting Prospective Students with a Tailored Digital Package

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Uncover the Power of Personalization

Your prospective and admitted students say it in every survey they are asked. You’ve heard them tell you directly – tell them what’s relevant to their world, provide a tailored perspective, show them you know them. As good as your welcome weekends and information are, it’s highly likely you are treating all your students the same.

Of students said that personalized and relevant outreach influences their interest in a college.
Thought that the communications they received have been very personalized and relevant.

*Survey data provided by Niche.com

Deliver an Unforgettable Campus Journey

What if you provided each student with digital welcome package based on the students interest that highlighted areas of particular interest on campus, highlighted events they should consider attending, showcase what was most relevant for them? If the prospective student was interested in environmental studies and dance they would have a tailored map of things to see and listing of events they may want to attend.

Enter My Campus Experience

Colleges and Universities who utilize My Campus Experience can easily and at scale create tailored digital agenda and welcome packages. Students simply select ‘tags’ that correspond to their interests. Interests can represent coursework and studies, extracurricular events and options, clubs, sports, or anything really.

Once a student shares their interests the My Campus Experience tool will provide a set of recommendations for events, campus locations to see, a unique tour of the campus to check them all out and information about identified interest areas. Of course ‘core’ options can be presented for everyone. Prepare to amaze your prospective students with personalized agenda made just for them!

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