Welcome Visiting Parents and Alumni with a Customized Digital Campus Guide

Crafting Unique Campus Journeys Tailored to Distinctive Visitors

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The Essence of Personalized Return

Colleges flourish not only due to their current student body but also from the aspirations held by parents for their children as well as the legacy left behind by their alumni. Each group visits with unique perspectives and desires, yet they often find themselves guided by the same generic resources.

Increase in student persistence

Diving into the Parents’ Personalized Experience

During parents’ weekend, many anticipate their child to be their tour guide, only to find them showcasing newfound independence and hesitancy to share their college journey. But what if you could provide visiting parents with a digital campus guide tailored to their child’s interests, spotlighting key campus areas, recommending relevant events, and emphasizing their child’s unique academic and extracurricular journey? With My Campus Experience visiting parents gain a deep understanding of their child’s academic, and extracurricular, journey.

A Glimpse into Alumni’s Tailored Journey

Alternately, for alumni, their campus visit is a walk down memory lane combined with the excitement of discovering what’s changed. What if you could provide them with a digital guide that not only points them to the familiar haunts of their past but also highlights the latest buildings, departments, or research endeavors that have sprouted since their last visit. Aligning with their major or current profession could give them specific insights, like technological advancements in their field or innovative changes in their old departments.

Powering Unique Experiences with My Campus Experience

Colleges and Universities who utilize My Campus Experience can easily craft these distinctive guides at scale for both visiting parents and alumni. By choosing specific ‘tags’ that correspond to their interests or entering brief details, these visitors receive a guide molded just for them, ensuring their campus return is as meaningful as possible. Embracing this innovative platform ensures every campus visit becomes a memorable, tailored experience, fostering pride in the institution and rekindling past connections.

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