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Concept3D has served the education community for over a decade with our award-winning interactive campus maps, event management solutions, and virtual tours. We work closely with admissions, marketing, and facilities to help recruit prospects and serve students, parents, staff, and alumni.

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For Marketing

Create an immersive online experience that shows off everything your university has to offer.

  • Increase student engagement and retention rate
  • Improve campus navigation for students and guests
  • Generate more event interest and decrease event upload time

For Admissions

Generate more application inquiries while showcasing your university in a way Gen Z wants to see.

  • Immerse potential students in your campus before they arrive
  • Generate more student leads with embeddable forms
  • Increase in person visits to your campus

For Student Engagement

Increase awareness of the amenities and events that students can take advantage of on campus.

  • Showcase student life on and around your campus
  • Cultivate a sense of community among students
  • Promote student retention and academic success

Interactive Campus Maps

Our market-leading mapping solution is designed to showcase your campus and exhibit your on-site experience through immersive, interactive, visual communication.

Showcase what makes your campus unique

Improve interior and exterior campus navigation

Green circle with an icon of a phone in the middle.

Bring your campus to life in an interactive and engaging way

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Our client’s stories

Screenshot of SMU's interactive campus map

Southern Methodist University

Taking accessibility into their own hands with an Interactive Map.

Screenshot of Michigan Tech's interactive campus map

Michigan Tech

Discovering the impact of Interactive Maps on admissions.

Screenshot of Ole Miss's interactive campus map

Ole Miss

Making events a success with Interactive Maps.

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“Our Google Analytics show that this is our most lucrative tool for student recruitment. Students spend a very ample amount of time on this section of our website compared to other website pages within our institution.”

Lyssa Paquette, Bishop’s University

See how Interactive Maps can help your campus

Interested in learning how Concept3D’s Interactive Maps can help improve your campus, but you’re not quite ready to see a personalized demo?

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Localist Events

Centralize your campus events into one fully-branded calendar, making it easier for your campus community to organize and promote events.

Centralize your events in one branded calendar

No-code events calendar, user-friendly by design

Instant demand generation for your events

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Our client’s stories

Missouri University of Science & Technology

Reducing event posting time while increasing event web traffic.

University of Louisville

Tripling event series attendance with Localist Events.

Hope College

Managing an Event Calendar Without the Help from IT

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“I’m amazed by how many more events are in the calendar. Being able to spread content throughout our site using Localist’s API has saved our departments tons of time, as they no longer need to add or remove event listings. Staff members have told me that Localist makes their lives much easier.”

Jason Cash, Hope College

See how Localist Events can help your campus

Interested in learning how Concept3D’s Localist Events can help improve your event attendance, but you’re not quite ready to see a personalized demo?

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360º Tours

Our immersive virtual tour will engage your audience, showcase your location and better tell your story. Now, future students can feel what it’s like on campus from wherever they are!

Tell your story in a modern and engaging way

Showcase the best of student life on campus

Capture the interest of your

Learn more about 360º Tours

Our client’s stories

Screenshot of Bristol Community College's virtual tour of campus

Bristol Community College

Giving students an immersive view into campus life with 360º Tours

Screenshot of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology's virtual tour of campus

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

A virtual tour that changes with the school.

Screenshot of James Madison University's virtual tour of campus

James Madison University

Using 360º Tours to fight the dip in on-campus visits.

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“No more view books or handouts; having immersive 360º video that anyone can access is truly the next best thing from actually standing on campus.”

Michael Green, Texas A&M University