When most people think of a conference center, they see a few floors of a hotel or a mostly empty building of glass and steel nestled in some downtown grid. But not all conference centers are crammed into a city. Many conference centers are out in the beautiful countryside. These centers are far more likely to have extensive grounds, impressive outdoor features, on-site lodgings. With so many guests, there’s nothing more universally useful to your visitor experience than a well-made map to guide your visitors.

Today, everyone travels with a personal computer we like to call smartphones. If a conference center makes a mobile app, Concept3D can integrate their map into it  providing a digital guide around your center or link out directly to a map. From marketing your center for event hosting to helping your guests find their way around, a 3D map can be an incredible asset to your center. Modern digital rendering is highly advanced and can be made easily interactive for both display and guiding guests on walkable routes through your venue.

Informational for Event Planners

Events in your venues are a collaboration between the people planning an event and your center administrators for scheduling and logistics. Event planners want to see the size of your grounds and where each facility is located. They need to be able to plan activities around the center without visiting or seeing the place. 

An accurate 3D rendering of your facility is the best possible way to show event planners what they want to know. The 3D experience is better than pictures because it gives a clear frame of reference from one angle to another while the rendering can allow visitors to zoom and explore.

Highlight Your Size and Landmarks

One of the great things about conference centers like yours is that everyone can be coming for a different favorite feature and all will have a great time. A 3D map not only allows you to render facilities the general map, you can also put some attention into highlighting your best landmarks. Droplocation pins, and incorporate a virtual tour of you area to share on your website. Using Concept3D’s new free service Tour Builder, you can upload 360° panoramas to show your guests every angle of your property. 


Direct Arrival and Parking

Any conference center in or out of the city has to deal with a certain amount of parking hassle. A 3D map can clearly display how your facilities flow from the initial road entrance or even more than one entrance. You can highlight roadways and clearly associate the correct parking lots for each facility. If your venue’s parking is far away from the event area, integrate wayfinding into your map to help people get there efficiently as possible.

Indoor Facility Maps

Among the biggest challenges for anyone attending a conference is finding the right rooms. An interactive 3D map is the best way to help your guests know the difference between one room and another. They will provide a top-down or perspective representation of how your buildings, rooms, and areas are laid out. If you are in the building you can type in”use my location” to the map, wayfinding can take you where you need to go.


Show Accessibility Routes

Conference centers with a strong outdoor element may have several paths that are not accessible for handicapped or mobility-limited guests. A fully rendered map is the perfect way to show your guests that there is an alternate path that is handicap-accessible. Concept3D gives you plenty of options to be ADA compliant in your convention center. You can highlight areas were ramps and elevators are located. As well as use wayfinding to get them to their end destination as fast as possible. 

Plan and Highlight Events

With so many activities going on everyday, being able to communicate to event times and locations gets tricky. A 3D map, better than any other tool, can show a clear reference and highlight for guests an optimal way to plan their daily activities. Create a category and attach a location to it so you can organize the many events going on. It can also help them plan and prioritize which events they should go to.

Emergency Station Access

Finally, as careful as guests and staff may be, every now and then someone gets hurt.  When this happens, you want guests to be able to find their way to your medical station as easily as possible. Whether they are the injured party or a helpful companion, a map that highlights and routes people to on-site emergency services is incredibly helpful during those occasional emergencies. You add in where the emergency exits are, even put where the fire extinguishers are. The more you are prepared, the safer you guests feel the better experience they will have. 

Your camp and conference center is a unique experience and no doubt has become an important part of many lives. In order to continue to draw in new groups and help guests that come through your gates every day, a 3D map can enhance your website and provide an immensely helpful mobile app for event planners and visitors. For more information about building custom 3D map software for your facility, contact us today!