Admitted Students Day is a multi-purpose event that serves both your school and the prospective students who have chosen to attend it. This invitation for potential new students invites them to learn more about the campus and its benefits before making a final decision about where they will be attending.

Admitted Students Day is a crucial opportunity for driving student engagement. When designed well, this event can help students visualize themselves on the campus and meet their future classmates, solidifying their decision and eliminating any doubts that they’re making the right choice.

Use this important event to the fullest with a solid plan for success.

What Is Admitted Students Day?

Typically held during the spring of potential students’ senior year of high school, “Admitted Students Day” or “Accepted Students Day” occurs after initial acceptance letters have gone out to first-year students but before the deadline for making enrollment decisions.

Many schools have a decision deadline of May 1, so Admitted Students Day may take place in late March or early April. This timing allows students to attend and use the experience as they complete the application process.

These Admitted Students Day activities are catered to students who are considering their college admissions options and want to learn more with a campus visit before making a final selection.

What Is the Purpose of Admitted Students Day?

From the college or university perspective, the purpose of Admitted Students Day is to fully showcase all the school has to offer. It’s a time to show off everything from faculty expertise and campus life to academic support, career services, study abroad opportunities, dorm rooms, and dining halls.

Students invited to Admitted Students Day are in the driver’s seat. They have the power to choose to attend your school or not, so this is an opportunity to help them understand the benefits of acceptance and picture themselves as your future students. The goals are to make them excited about attending and be clear about what you have to offer.

From the students’ perspectives, this event is an opportunity to make sure they’re finding the best fit for their college decisions. They may already know about the school’s rankings, program offerings, and financial aid packages. But the chance to tour campus, ask questions, and experience admitted students events offers a more personal understanding.

What Goes on During Admitted Students Day?

Students will be coming to Admitted Students Day with different expectations and questions. So the event needs to offer a well-rounded variety of information sessions, social events, and activities to showcase student life.

Some events will be large-scale opportunities for all admitted students in attendance to hear important information about the school. Others will be smaller, more tailored events designed to meet the needs of students with specific interests or academic plans.

Campus Tours

Some students will be seeing the campus for the first time. Others will be visiting with a new sense of energy and excitement. They want to picture themselves:

  • Living in the residence halls
  • Eating in the dining halls
  • Studying in the library
  • Meeting friends on the quad
  • Visiting the classrooms

Prospective students are there to explore academic facilities, landmarks, and the overall environment. This is also a great time for individual departments to host open house events so students can get to know faculty members.

Campus tours can be divided into small groups segmented by interest. Then, like-minded students can ask questions about the resources and facilities most relevant to them.

Information Sessions

You don’t want any barriers between students’ acceptance and their eventual enrollment. Use Admitted Students Day to provide key information on academic programs, financial aid offerings, accessibility, and student services.

Make it clear what steps these future college students must take to finish their enrollment and end their college search.

Meet Faculty and Staff

Getting to know faculty and staff will help students feel more comfortable with the campus. They’ll also get answers to their specific questions.

Meet-and-greet events between students, faculty, and staff are a great addition to Admitted Students Day. Students can learn more about academic and support resources and get set up for future college success.

In particular, make sure that participants get a chance to meet faculty and staff at the library, student support services, tutoring centers, and any other resources they’ll be encouraged to use as first-year students.

Interact With Current Students

Perhaps one of the best activities you can plan for Admitted Students Day is an event that allows potential students to interact with current students.

The benefits of gaining peer insights and hearing about firsthand experiences are invaluable. You can even start these connections before the event. Try leveraging social media connections or setting up a mentor/mentee program between new and current students.

Explore Student Organizations and Activities

Host a student organization and activity fair that showcases extracurricular activities. This will allow students to see how their social life and hobbies will be fulfilled during their time in college.

Show off the very best of campus life with a variety of options. Invite representatives from these groups to create their own tables or displays to bring enthusiasm and individuality to their offerings.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Admitted Student Day

Group of admitted students and seniors talking during Admitted Students Day

It’s important that your Admitted Student Day runs smoothly, with clear communication from day one. Disorganization or miscommunication will reflect poorly on the school at a time when you’re trying to put your best foot forward. So ensure that you have a successful admitted student day with these tips.

1. Create a Compelling Event Schedule

Your campus has a lot to offer. Make sure that students have time to see and hear it all with a well-planned event schedule that offers a clear path through the various options.

Students should be able to tell at a glance which events are the main ones intended for all participants and which are optional, smaller events intended for those with specific interests. Ideally, they should also be able to customize their schedule to suit their needs and craft an Admitted Students Day experience unique to their interests.

2. Streamline the Registration Process

Make attendance a smooth, streamlined process from beginning to end. Take registrations early so you can plan effectively. Set up an RSVP system with clear deadlines.

Capture key demographic information, including student interests and intended majors, to ensure that you have informational sessions geared toward their needs.

3. Incorporate Technology in Your Campus Tours

Today’s students will be attending their campus tours armed with smartphones. So use the technology to your advantage and create virtual tours and interactive maps.

Interactive maps allow students to gain key information about the campus at their own pace, digging deeper into the elements that interest them the most.

You can even personalize the experience with specific videos and pop-ups based on student interests or majors.

4. Leverage Current Students

Current students are one of the most important aspects of bringing an authentic and meaningful element to Admitted Students Day. Provide activities that allow accepted students to speak with current students in casual interactions.

Be sure to choose current students who are informed about campus life so they can share their experience and enthusiasm for the school with honesty and detail.

5. Provide Logistics and Support

Make sure students know where to go and what to do on Admitted Students Day. The parking should be clearly marked. Also, the check-in process should be smooth and quick.

Students and their families should feel welcome and have a clear sense of the itinerary and how to get from place to place without feeling confused or frustrated. To create a seamless and comfortable experience, utilize both physical markers (such as signs and banners) and technological solutions (such as interactive maps and online schedules).

6. Encourage Social Media Posting and Interaction

Social media is an excellent tool for promoting your school and showcasing all you have to offer on Admitted Students Day. Even admitted students who are unable to attend can benefit from seeing details from the event through social media engagement.

So, encourage participants to share their experiences online. Utilize a unique hashtag for the event and tag various campus units and student organizations to solidify connections. Also, share candid pictures that show potential students experiencing campus tours, fun activities, and interactive moments with faculty and staff.

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