As Good As Being There.

Interactive Mapping Redefined
Leave a Good Impression
Before Anyone Arrives

atlas3D’s powerful mapping and interactive media platform give you the ability to reach your audience anywhere in the world with an engaging tool they can experience on any device.

More Than a Map

  • Wayfinding

    Give every visitor the chance to experience your space like a local.
  • Mobile Friendly

    Access your map from any device with our responsive, non-proprietary tool.
  • 3D Rendering

    Experience a virtual rendering that looks almost as good as reality.
  • Interior Mapping

    Go from outside to inside with wayfinding that shows room numbers, stairs, restrooms, and more.
  • Location Promotion

    Showcase the best that your space has to offer.

Give Your Visitors a Tool That Virtually
Puts Them in Your Space

Stand Out
Against Competition

Make Marketing

Enhance Customer

Attract & Retain
More Customers

No Travel Required

Reach users all over the world and let visitors access your space anywhere, anytime.

Tear Off The Roof

Show off the inside of your building and let your visitors, stakeholders, and planners virtually visualize your space for their purposes with MapSpacer.

Walk The Halls

Scout/travel/traverse from the comfort of a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. The incredible virtual experience makes any space come to life with Xplorer.

Update Once. Done.

Pull your data into one place then visualize it to all your stakeholders, both internal and external. You only need to update in one place to have it display on our platform.


Highlight what makes your space and community unique with VitalPath and help visitors find their way with wayfinding. Showcase your building’s services, sustainability features, or future construction plans.

Blur the Lines Between
Digital and Physical

Whether on site or across the globe, atlas3D lets visitors explore your space from the palm of their hand.

We Make the Hard Stuff Easy

Save Time and Money

Move beyond static maps with a virtual tool that makes it easier to manage assets, provide directions, and customize your map without the cost of printing.

Work on a Proven Platform

atlas3D’s interactive maps are used by millions of visitors to explore hundreds of campuses and venues/sites.

Make Marketing Easier

Utilize the power of imagery with print-out features that let your audience literally take your space with them.

One Content Management

atlas3D’s powerful and intuitive platform allows you to put all multimedia and proprietary information in one place for easy centralized management.

Live Data Feeds

Live data feeds allow you to communicate to visitors everything from parking lot occupancy to bus timing to event-specific feeds, creating a fully integrated experience.

Client Support

Real atlas3D employees in CO and MN speak your language to resolve issues as they come up and help you utilize our platform to meet your needs.

There’s no limit to what atlas3D can do for your space

atlas3D allows visitors to explore your space and be aware of their surroundings to better enhance their experience. With atlas3D, everyone gets to feel like a local.




Find restrooms – down to a specific stall

Find where to get something to eat or drink

Know where to park before you get to a lot that is already full

Check out the line at Starbucks before leaving the office.

atlas3D in use

From data centers to their clients, hospitals to patients, retirement villages to retirees, see how we’ve improved the virtual customer experience for a variety of spaces and places.