Don’t settle for meeting expectations – exceed them. atlas3D goes above just showing people how to navigate your space and highlight images. It brings every single inch of your space into the virtual realm to give potential visitors and clients an unparalleled experience. atlas3D has been proven to work for multiple types of facilities including colleges, hotels, data centers, hospitals, resorts, airports, and more.

Spaces We’ve Worked With

Convention Centers

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Health Centers

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Data Centers

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Shopping Centers

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Retirement Communities

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Amusement Parks

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Didn’t See Your Space?

Convention Centers

From expos to shows and all in between, atlas3D has been proven to improve the customer experience for convention centers all over the country. We make it easier for visitors and vendors alike to get the best use of your space with our high-end software, MapSpacer.

Showcase Availability

Promote your space with MapSpacer. Allow planners to create their perfect event creating their own breakout spaces with your available equipment with rich engaging media. Additionally you can respond quickly to RFPs from within the tool.

Help Visitors Navigate

Make it easier for attendees to find their way so they don’t miss anything during their visit with atlas3D’s interactive map and virtual tours.

Work With Trade Shows

Trade shows are a feat of planning and organization, help your upcoming trade shows plan and facilitate their event. MapSpacer allows organizers to be confident in the layout and equipment provided then they can provide a better experience for their attendees.

See it in action

Explore how the Tucson Convention Center uses atlas3D to elevate their space.

Case Study

Retirement Communities

When it comes time to select a retirement community, retirees strive to find the place that will become home. atlas3D makes the transition easier for new residents and families by letting them see every aspect before they even move in.

Highlight Amenities

Show people what makes your community stand out against the rest in a rich detail campus map.

Assist Residents

atlas3D’s engaging platform helps residents find different events and offerings in your community. Then help their families to better enjoy visiting with wayfinding.

Find a New Home

Show potential residents and their families floorplan options and let them select a new place to live based on the best floorplan and amenities for their individual needs.

Tear Off the Walls

Help residents and their families explore the entire community before they arrive, make it their place before ever arriving on campus.

See it In Action

Explore how Shell Point Retirement Community uses atlas3D to elevate their space.

Case Study

Health Centers & Hospitals

atlas3D gives patients and visitors alike an opportunity to virtually navigate the halls with our virtual hospital software. Help visitors locate the proper room from the parking lot or patients can find their follow-up appointments. Your interior 3D rendering with wayfinding puts your facility in patients and visitor’s hands.

See it in action.

Explore how Roswell Park uses atlas3D to elevate their space.

Prepare Patients Before Their Care

atlas3D makes it easy for patients to select a room type based on their level of care needs with a 3D hospital model so they can feel comfortable during their
entire stay.

Help Them Find Who They are Looking For

Keep visitors from aimlessly wandering the halls and help them find the patients, physicians, or amenities they need. Even embedded the map in electronic appointment reminders to make it seamless to find where they need using our interactive building map.

Set the Perfect Scene

Patients more often than not a have choice in where they receive their care whether it is where to have their first child or to get a new hip. atlas3D gives you a tested tool for showing what sets your facility apart. Whether you want to highlight your new birthing center department within the 3D map or industry-leading physical therapy with Xplorer Virtual Tour.

Community Intrigue

We are all a reflection of the things around us, and your space is no different. atlas3D goes beyond your interactive building map to include the surrounding community. From nearby trails to potential opportunities, you can show people that not only are you proud of your space, but also proud of where it comes from.

Feel Like a Local

Allow visitors to feel like part of the community with an interactive tool that lets them experience it like someone who has lived there their whole lives.

Know the Hot Spots

VitalPath highlights a city’s best assets and helps people discover something new.

Virtual Tours

Experience a city like never before with 360 photospheres layered 3D renderings that look as good as the real thing with Xplorer Virtual Tour. Or to help visitors map the perfect visit from your door and beyond with VitalPath.