Data Centers

Maybe that server room doesn’t even exist yet. Our virtual tour software can render your data center before it’s even built. Now clients, investors, and managers can all view a future project, weigh in and help make decisions before ground is broken. Potential layout problems are addressed and fixed within an interactive diagram maker instead of the more costly alternative.

atlas3D is a compelling marketing tool that allows you to hone your message depending on the audience. Perhaps a small business owner is ready to move his data onto the cloud, even though he doesn’t really know what that means. You can give him the beginners tour, explaining what a data center is and what it does, sharing with him only the information that a non-techie will understand. If you’re talking to a CTO, the conversation pivots to biometric and digital security. You’re in control, and you can be as broad or as specific as the client likes.

The cloud, to the average consumer, is a magic place where all of the digital stuff lives. Cloud vs data center? They don’t know the difference. But to you, the data center executive, the cloud is a very concrete and real place, a product of the blood, sweat, and tears of your team. You live and breath uptime, security, cooling, power, redundancy, and disaster recovery.

It’s real to prospective clients too, and seeing is believing. Seeing your technical space, feeling at home in your break rooms, and seeing your operations team in action helps build confidence and close the deal. Time spent on-site is a compelling sales tool. What if it could take place remotely, from the comfort of your prospects’ desktop, phone, or VR goggles? With atlas3D it can. Now, you can walk a client through your operation from wherever they are in the world. An interactive building map gives them the power to enter server rooms and view your technology. Usually, a potential client will send someone, a director of technology or other IT person, for an initial tour of a data center, but final decisions makers often will never set foot on site themselves. atlas3D provides a powerful link between that first on-site conversation and the finalized deal.


The benefits of our virtual tour software don’t end with the tour. As customer requirements unfold, you can turn to MapSpacer for custom configuration and collaboration. Density requirements, cooling configurations, and server layouts all edited and rearranged with ease, and shared with clients in mind blowing 3D detail.


From compelling marketing to ongoing customer service, atlas3D provides an unparalleled 3D experience for your clients.