The vast majority of popular applications for 3D mapping and rendering technology are public-facing. 3D maps can be used to create vivid, virtual tours, and custom digital experiences. Some of the most useful applications of 3D mapping technology are best used in the background, as part of the internal building functions like asset tracking, and warehouse logistics.

If your business manages a warehouse of goods or you are a logistics company housing and shipping products for dozens of clients, then an interactive 3D map of your warehouse might be exactly the streamlining tool you’ve been looking for from asset tracking to optimizing the assembly of orders.


Highlight Location of Key Resources

Finally, a 3D map and interactive application can also help your staff outside of the normal routine. Every commercial workspace has a few key resources like the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, security phone, and so on. While you may not need these things every day, it is vital to know where they are if something unexpected or unfortunate happens. From a bad finger cut on a jagged shelf edge to a small electrical fire, it may be necessary for staff to find these assets under stress and when they don’t remember the precise location in your large warehouse facility.

Your 3D map can be loaded with dozens of unique locations that can be called up on request. Your staff can easily highlight the first aid kit, the bathrooms, the exits, or the fire extinguisher among anything else you’d like to make easy to find with the tap of a smartphone screen.

An interactive 3D map has an incredible amount to offer to a logistics service or business warehouse, and the bigger your facility, the better. Take advantage of technology that is already benefitting customer-facing facilities in order to streamline your processes and make life a lot easier for your hard-working staff. For more information about how to build your 3D map and logistics app, contact us today!


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