In the digital age, we’ve grown accustomed to interactive 3D maps of cities and their buildings. With the help of the latest satellite imagery and street-level photography, these digital maps can immerse us in the real-world details of nearly any structure on Earth. Yet no matter how much realism these interactive models bring us, they generally only capture the exteriors of structures. Once you reach the front doors of a building or establishment on your digital map, the experience stops, and you are left with a vacuum of information.

However, with the help of leading-edge 3D rendering platforms, many buildings and venues are finally getting the indoor mapping treatment they deserve. One of the best examples is the modern convention center. As a prized venue for people gathering together by the thousands around a shared interest, profession or cause, the modern convention center is ripe for 3D interior mapping. Many high-profile venues, such as the Colorado Convention Center, are already making the investment in interactive 3D maps of their centers’ interiors with remarkable results.

Creating an interior 3D rendering

To produce the rendering, professional illustrators must take the time to focus on the features that define your conference venue. If you’ve recently invested in a breathtaking new theater, for example, the illustrators can take the time to capture key details while the developer team can surface more information with mouse-overs or taps. Any other features you may be particularly proud of, such as solar panels on the roof or artwork on the walls, can also be brought to life with artistic precision. 

Attracting speakers, performers and guests


There are few experiences more disheartening to a movement, cause or company than a half-empty convention center on the first day of a widely promoted convention or event. To help prevent this create a virtual tour of the space. Think of it as a test drive for your potential speaker and guests. You can take 360° Panorama’s of  your center to showcase your amazing space. Just as a test-drive often sells a car, you may find that performers, speakers and guests invited to zoom through your center. You can create your virtual tour today for free with Concept3D’s service Tour Builder.

Practical benefits

Aside from the tremendous potential that interior 3D renderings have for attracting speakers, performers and guests, they also offer several important practical benefits. Many challenges of planning a large event arise due to a lack of familiarity with the event venue’s interior spaces. However, with a highly realistic 3D rendering of all the spaces and features of your conference center, all these challenges can be consistently anticipated and averted well in advance of the big day. Conference and event planners can pour over your conference center’s spaces and features room-by-room and floor-by-floor as they go down their checklists. . They will have no trouble navigating because wayfinding tools will help them every step of the way.

The virtues of 3D renderings for the modern conference center

As outlined above, despite the widespread use of digital mapping apps to view the exteriors of buildings and venues in great detail, equally compelling interior treatments of buildings and venues are only now beginning to take hold. The modern large-scale conference center is one of the best examples of a venue that benefits enormously from 3D interior mapping. Event planners will also find your interactive indoor map invaluable for ensuring that every space is the right size, and every resource available, to make their event unfold flawlessly. Contact Concept3D today to better showcase your convention center!