Map services and software with the right features can have a massive positive effect on your business or organization. In this post, we highlight a few examples of features from maps that make it so that you get the map you want to promote your organization however you need to do so.

Features of the Best Media Maps:

1) No Prior Experience Needed

One major problem with a lot of maps is that they can be difficult to install, customize, and use, both on the setup end and on the user end. It often requires a considerable amount of skill with various different parts of computer knowledge in order to pull off. For example, many require knowing computer languages, graphical interfaces, and other digital skills to have any chance of getting where you want to be.

However, certain map software and services don’t have this problem. If you find services that are user-friendly, you will end up with a major advantage over those using software that doesn’t have such a feature! For one thing, it means that you don’t need to hunt around for someone who has the requisite skill set. Either this is going to be you – in which case you’re going to need to spend countless hours picking up these skills yourself – or you’ll need to find an employee who can figure out how to do it all, either by training one you already have or by hiring one.

In either case, this is expensive. Instead, it helps to make sure that you get what you want with a map program that is intuitive and easy to pick up and learn. Even beyond saving you time and money, you’ll also save the hassle. Plus, you’ll end up with the ability to customize everything much quicker and likely get it closer to your specifications because of the intuitive nature of the enterprise. The best outcome is to have a media map service that is both intuitive and possesses of a high degree of technical ability.

2) Free Samples Are Available

It’s one thing to imagine how a map might look based on the vendor’s descriptions, and another to actually see it in action. Not all software or services are going to meet your needs. That’s why It’s critically important to make sure that you find a map service that will let you try out free samples, or alternatively, a demo. That way, you can determine whether the specifications necessary for the map you want are present on the one that you’re testing out.

It’s especially useful due to the fact that you may not even know exactly what you want before you see it outlined on the demo. There really is no substitute for this kind of approach.

3) Eyecatching Advertising Capabilities

If you want to bring a lot of attention to new structures you’ve created that extend your building or provide additional features to a space, inside and outside, there are map features that can often help with this. For example, connecting a panorama or “photosphere” to the right section of a map that will give a truly immersive experience to anyone looking at it. They will be able to see how the new location looks from all angles, and this will be a great way to promote the location and your organization in general. This is because even having something like this could be a draw all on its own.

People like looking at new technological aspects, and it can often end up being its own draw. While people often to visit sites for information, they will also frequently be drawn to elements that catch the eye. When you’re trying to get their attention and keep it, the instinct should always be to make the best use of visual elements that you can.

Additionally, once people are brought in to look at the new wing or other part to a location, they can really imagine themselves there by looking at the area in all angles. This kind of self-imagining makes it more likely that they will actually go themselves one day.

4) The Ability to Create Specific and Detailed Guides

The best media maps will often have a way to fully guide visitors through your facility. You can highlight where they should start to go on a particular tour or to accomplish a particular objective. Plus, media maps of this caliber often also give you the ability to highlight particular parts of your building or location to those that will be visiting it.

This way, visitors can discover things they may not have known about otherwise. Plus, you have the advantage of also being able to guide potential visitors around potential problems that are happening in real time, including both emerging problems and new ones. If there’s some leak that makes certain parts of your building inaccessible, you could note this on the map so that visitors will know not to go there. You can even mark exactly what the problem is so that visitors’ imaginations don’t run wild with fantastical explanations for the closure.

You can also make it so that specific directions can be sent to other people in a way that makes the best use of a map. This includes internal directions for buildings, which are definitely not always available in more conventional free digital maps. People can be sent directly to a particular room, for example.

After all, it’s not just regular driving directions that can cause people to get lost. Rooms inside of buildings can often also be confusing, and it can be difficult for people to find the right hallways or turn down the right corridors. A proper, interactive, fully immersive 3D map with VR capability can help with a multitude of problems in this way. 

Concept3D – The Best in Media Map Making

At Concept3D, we made sure to keep these features at the forefront of the development process as we designed our map-making software. What resulted can only be described as state-of-the-art map-making software. If you need a media map for your business or organization, please contact us today.