Concept3D has revolutionized the way we interact with college campuses around the country, but we understand that immersive mapping is not everyone’s cup of tea. And, because we’re respectful of your time, we’ve compiled some reasons why you might not want to consider us.

1. You are converting students faster than you can say, “Our admissions goal is complete!”

We get it—your website possesses an alluring onboarding flow that the brightest students from around the country find irresistible. Your dream team of admission coordinators are overwhelmed, sinking behind the throng of intellectual prospects applying to attend your campus. Your job is done and dusted; time to go home!

If only life were that easy. The truth is, there are heavy odds that your admissions team is striving for exciting and original ideas to drive new students to campus. And with COVID-19 and its consequences looming, it’s harder to get students on campus for that tour that you know would convince them to apply. You need a way to bring a compelling campus tour to them. You want to show them all the reasons why your university stands out before they even step onto campus.

Thankfully, this is what Concept3D was designed for. With custom tours, seamless comment integrations, and easy-to-navigate directions, you have every tool you need to grab the attention of qualified applicants to convey your most pertinent information. And that means increasing your conversion rates.

See the success in action and the metrics that clients have used to set their goals.

2. You don’t want control of your projects.

Maybe you enjoy the lengthy process of waiting for colleagues to approve your edits before they go live. Perhaps you thrive off of an inefficient workflow that requires multiple steps before others see your comments.

Not the case? We didn’t think so either. Luckily, Concept3D offers unlimited and instant updates for all your comments and edits.

Did a construction project just break ground on campus? It only takes a few seconds to add it to your custom map through our content management system (CMS), and only a few more moments to add a detour for students to navigate around. Did the arena just get a new sponsor? Quickly update the name with only a few clicks. Easy!

With Concept3D, fast edits and instant comments are the names of the game.

3. Sharing your campus story isn’t a priority.

Do you work at a campus with nothing exciting to show? Would you rather keep its history a mystery? Bypass all the coffee spots? Hide that beautiful architecture from prospective students?

Of course not! These are your selling points, and the key features you should want to shout to all who will listen. The problem is, stories are hard to tell in an online world. Traditional pamphlets just aren’t resonating with a generation of digital connoisseurs.

A younger generation will appreciate the novelty of a digital experience. Concept3D’s 360º Tour and Interactive Map will tell your campus’ story while driving engagement.

Our production team takes great pride in meticulously illustrating the detailed architecture that fills your campus, literally drawing your most prominent buildings brick by brick. This enhances the opportunity for students to experience total immersion in your campus from the comfort of their home. Showcase your most stunning courtyard in the middle of fall, taking advantage of the crimson layer of leaves that cover the ground. Or perhaps wait until spring where you can share the warm days where students congregate in parks and fields, playing games and relaxing together.

With Concept3D, you’ll garner the attention and excitement of those incoming students.

Multiracial teenager student friends sharing social media in smartphone in Secondary School locker corridor

4. Accessibility? Who cares?

Well, at Concept3D, we do. And you should, too. Our product is feature-focused on prioritizing accessibility and maintaining ADA-approved guidelines.

We are constantly refining features and adding more accessible functions to keep your campus map and virtual tour open and accessible for all.

For instance, Concept3D’s intuitive map software allows the alternate text on images, keyboard-accessible navigation, written transcriptions for video and audio, a voice-over for all written content, and more capabilities. We stay true to the P.O.U.R. method, ensuring our software is Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust for everyone using it.

Interested in how you can make your campus map more accessible? Check out this blog.

5. You’d rather work with a mapping partner who makes business a pain.

The good ol’ back-and-forth email threads, an unreachable help desk, waiting ages to receive a reply to an inquiry…you wake up in the morning and look forward to these scenarios, right?

Neither do we. And that’s why we’re proud to rank number 1 among industry leaders in ease of doing business.

G2 awarded us a 94% approval rating while the industry average was 64%. Meanwhile, our customers gave us a 4.8 overall rating on Capterra. This is because we’re committed to you. We methodically take a personal approach to each client, ensuring fewer headaches throughout the entire process together. We love what we do at Concept3D, and we can’t wait to show you why you’ll love it, too.

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