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Connecting Your Organization to Location

Concept3D’s content management system or CMS the engine behind our interactive map and virtual tour software. It is the one central place to store, organize and control all your digital media and adding additional value to that content by connecting it to location.

Bring your team and organization together, in place.

Concept3D’s platform core benefit is our content management system; it gives you the tools to build interactive maps and virtual tours. Those tools depending on your needs can create very different outputs. Yes, our CMS allows you to add new videos via Youtube or Vimeo, photos, 360° panoramas, location information or brand messages all tie to a specific location but whether you are a marketer or a facilities manager changes how the CMS works for you. This is why Concept3D focuses both on sharing your place and supporting your business.


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Sharing Your Place via Content Mapping Software

Virtual experiences allow businesses where location is part of their product, hotels, campuses, real estate developers, etc., to bring their product into the digital world. A custom map cultivated to show everything from street view to customizations and amenities for guests and visitors are all created through the CMS. 3D renderings are also managed and layered on the map from the CMS. As is the orientation of your map – sometimes the best angle is not true north. Letting your location look its best 365 days a year from every direction.

Supporting Your Business Through Digital Maps and Virtual Experiences

Google Maps is the most prolific digital map and that’s why we use Google Maps as the base for our maps. Concept3D even uses them as an option for our base map tiles. There is a lot of value there but customizing is not what it is built for where our CMS is all about customizing. Whether it is bringing together ArcGIS geographic information with transportation data and inventory numbers or using location mapping to ensure branding compliance across franchises this is the power of map software.

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Concept3D’s CMS is feature-rich

Through the CMS Concept3D makes your desktop computer a tool for leveraging the power of interactive maps, 2D/3D models and VR applications to support your business. It’s a virtual tour maker, and the command center for content management and driving data to interactive maps, tours and immersive experiences. From the desktop, Concept3D provides:

Virtual Tour Creation

The Map Tour is made using the existing information from a client’s interactive map. Using the 3D map for the foundation of the virtual tours allows for all your location data to be readily available. The 360° Tour is our VR Tour made with the Tour Builder section of our CMS. The 360° Tour is media forward. All stops are location-based but the virtual tour was designed to work as well as on a desktop as a VR headset. 360° Tour is VR-enabled but with the Tour Builder CMS making this accessible to everyone with both 360° panoramas static images.

Make Your Free 360° Tour

Map Customization

The value in the CMS is the ability to customize. Our CMS allows for extensive customization and map styles through:
Polygon Tool  – Drawing a line on a map does not seem groundbreaking but when tied to location data that is actionable whether it’s linking to relevant information or calling attention to live data, lines on a map are not just for show.
Style Options – The CMS controls and styles the interactive map. This includes our sidebar, the front-facing control panel for the end-user; customizing everything from drill-down or drop-down to colors to the shape of location bubbles. Customization that truly helps to make accessible maps for mobile devices and all users.

Data & Integration

Whether importing or exporting data, connecting to social media, integrating to the interactive map or embedding the map into your website or even event feeds, exposing google street, or referencing GIS data all is possible through the CMS. Additionally, end-user activity can be feed directly into your Google Analytics or certain engagement can be seen within the CMS itself.

Location CTA

People seek out maps and virtual tours to answer questions, directions, why a place is important, background, etc. The CMS is how our clients not only answer these questions but direct people to the right place.

  • Schedule location information to only appear when it is most needed
  • Embed forms or contact information connected to place
  • Have forms or other information display based on actions

Unlimited User Licenses

One of the hidden powers of the CMS is there is no limit on the number of users. Everyone in your organization can access the CMS paired with custom user permissions. Since there are unlimited users you can also create user permissions to ensure everyone is only editing and publishing what they should be.

Case Study

Bowling Green State University

Established in 1910, Bowling Green State University (BGSU) offers over 200 undergraduate programs and is comprised of eight academic colleges. Bowling Green enrolls over 17,000 students sitting on 1,300 acres of campus south of Toledo, OH. BGSU is ranked among the best 100 public schools in the U.S. by U.S. World and News Report.
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Bowling Green

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