An interactive map is a key marketing tool that works hard to attract new students and is a resource for your school’s community. Make your map work for you in more ways than one, especially because it saves time and resources. After putting in the time creating your beautiful interactive campus map, take it a step further and use it to created printed campus maps.

The best mapping program will allow you to include assets from your online map, including 3D renderings, pathways, labeled buildings and facilities, parking, and more, and incorporate them into a useful printed map for students and visitors alike. Having the ability to print out a customized version of the map depending on your needs – game days, freshman orientation, parent’s weekend – or allowing students and visitors to print their own customizable maps, is an incredibly helpful tool that not provides a useful service to your students and visitors, but saves your marketing team time and other valuable resources.

What is Print Map Generator

The days of creating every unique map needed for every special event on campus are over. Use Concept3D’s PrintMap Generator, and in-app tool that allows you to create customized maps based on your interactive map. PrintMap Generator helps universities create consistent maps from the data stored within their map management platform. In addition to your school’s marketing department having access to this wonderful tool, so do your students and campus visitors. For example, students can visit the site and create a map outlining their class schedule.

Creating Maps with the PrintMap Generator

Many people still like to hold a hard copy of a map in their hands, which is why our PrintMap Generator is our most popular add-on module. The PrintMap Generator allows you to create customized printable maps based on your existing interactive campus maps. For example, if you want to create a map for the weekend’s upcoming football game, you might select the area of the map where the game will be located, and include important day-off necessities, such as nearby parking lots, restrooms, ADA routes, entrances and facilities, walking paths, emergency services, and entrances and exits. From there, you create a print-ready map that you download as a PNG or PDF. You can print off these maps, or share via a link so it can be printed at another location

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Creative Ways to Use Printed Campus Maps

There really are no limits to how you can use printed campus maps to your advantage. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Sporting Events

Include the stadium, parking and transportation, restrooms, ADA resources, walkways, and emergency services.

Class Schedules

Students can map out their new class schedules at the start of the semester to help them find their classrooms.


As with many schools, there is often construction somewhere on campus. Print off a map showing where various construction sites are, and how visitors and students should be prepared for increased traffic, alternative routes, and more.

Parents Weekend, Homecoming, and Commencement

Highlight where various department ceremonies will take place, parking areas, refreshment stations, and the locations of other graduation activities.

What to Do Around Town

Great for visitors, you can print off a map highlighting local hot spots for food, drinks, hotels, and other off-campus activities.

Walking Tours of Campus

Some visitors would rather do an old-fashioned walking tour of campus. Print off a tour route, complete with stops at historical landmarks, book stores, and school facilities. You can include more information about each stop on the backside of the map. Alternatively, some visitors may want to listen to one of your tours on your interactive campus map, but use the printed map to guide them.

Move-in Day for New Students

Calm the nerves of new students with a custom map showing where they can find their dorm, the best parking areas for unloading, nearby food and drink spots, campus bookstores, the admissions office, restrooms, ADA facilities, and any other pertinent places of interest.

When you consider the amount of time you currently use to create customized maps for your school, the ability to save time and resources is indispensable. To be able to create them on the fly, is an indispensable resource for your marketing team.