Meet the Panelists
Concept3D's Shiro Hatori

Shiro Hatori, Director of Demand Generation at Concept3D

Concept3D's CRO, Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez, Chief Revenue Officer at Concept3D

Localist's Cofounder & CEO, Myke Nahorniak

Myke Nahorniak, CEO & Cofounder of Localist

Connections enabling community: Our webinar with Localist

Building communities is critical for thriving colleges and universities. Students who feel a strong sense of community are more likely to have a better student experience. This, in turn, creates an increased likelihood of educational success, happiness, and satisfaction.

How do schools foster community? Through connections.

In this summary of our webinar, “Connecting the Dots of Community” with Localist’s community-focused CEO, Myke Nahorniak, and our own CRO, Carlos Perez, you’ll learn why.

How do we make connections?

This is changing everyday. Currently, our digital age prompts technology to be a facilitator. Virtual connections through social media and other online applications are a great way to foster connections across channels. However, nothing can replace the connections we make through in-person interactions.

It’s a good thing that combining both is the name of the game right now.

In hybrid environments, it’s more important than ever to connect students to strengthen your campus’ community and enhance their student experience.

And, of course, what is a great way to foster that community? Through events.

That’s where Localist comes in.

How Localist’s event platform fosters community

Localist and Concept3D bring the best of community events together with market-leading interactive mapping to connect the dots for your students and community members.

“An event is simply people coming together at the same place at the same time. As a school, if you’re facilitating those events consistently, you’re facilitating hundreds of thousands of connections between people every year.”
Myke Nahorniak, CEO & Cofounder of Localist


With Localist’s software, you can better organize events for students and community members.

Your event calendar serves as a central hub for students, and your events help create a thriving and energized community.

You’ll have:

  • The ability to whitelabel your entire platform for a seamless branding experience for higher ed
  • An out-of-the-box integration with leading software for virtual events, registration, CRMs, and marketing automation platforms
How Concept3D fosters community through Interactive Maps

Make your campus view amazing with an interactive and engaging virtual map tailored to each stakeholder, from Gen Z students to adult learners. Interactive Maps allow every user to find directions through wayfinding and experience campus from a variety of views, whether on mobile or desktop devices. Most importantly, Interactive Maps is your one-stop-shop for connecting students to the community around them.

Events through Localist.

Improving the student experience through community engagement

Connecting your campus events to your Interactive Map will help your students:

  1. Know exactly where your events are happening
  2. Discover events by location proximity
  3. Get there on time with tailored navigation
  4. Understand what points of interest are around, i.e., restaurants

Michigan Tech University has an overlay on their interactive campus map to show where running trails are, for instance.

Peanut butter & jelly: Localist & Concept3D

When two good things come together, you get an amalgamation of greatness—just like a beloved childhood sandwich. Localist is the peanut butter to Concept3D’s jelly. And together, we make something amazing.

Through this partnership, Concept3D’s interactive map platform automatically pulls event information from the Localist, streamlining the process. Students and other attendees can easily find nearby events in one bird’s-eye view. This makes event-going that much easier for students within their community and enhances their positive student experience with the school.

If you’re interested in learning more about Concept3D’s partnership with Localist, take a look at our case study!

Want to glean even more insights on how Localist and Concept3D build strong community ties and improve the student experience? Watch our on-demand webinar.

Watch the on-demand webinar
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