The summer is known for Festivals, craft exhibits, outdoor concerts, and state fairs. Just because these are temporary,  doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a digital presence.

People for various reasons come to this event, to be able to suit the different needs of each person is very important. Using things like 3D maps, virtual tours, wayfinding can help cater to the needs of every person. 

How does having digital collateral give you an advantage?

People go to these events because they want great music, food, crafts and more. Your client expects a great event, the attendees want a quality experience.

Digital collateral helps you make these events run smoothly and also helps you make a great impact on their experience. With the many details involved in managing an event, collateral is the one thing you don’t want to neglect. The materials that accompany any event are essential to delivering a complete experience.

Imagine an art festival, every person there is coming for different reason. For families, it is an activity to get outside and do something together. For couples maybe they are just there to drink, and eat some great food. For art enthusiast, it is a great place to check out local artwork. Maybe you were just walking by and decided to walk through to see what it is about. 3D digital maps just offers a level of personalization that 2D print can’t. Having a map with personalization allows you to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content. 


Having digital collateral is also an important part of an integrated marketing strategy because:

  • it increases brand awareness
  • delivers key messages
  • creates a unified and seamless experience.  

Digital maps can help festivals, craft exhibits, outdoor concerts, and state fairs run smoothly. All of these things are essential because your collateral materials are often the first impression prospective customers get about your business, products, or services; and first impressions really count.

How can you use digital collateral to increase communication, ease traffic issues, and provide better planning for your summer event?

There are a couple of services that can help your event run efficiently and cater to your clients needs.

Basic Map 

You can create a basic map through open street mapsgoogle, and apple maps 

 Before setting up you can drop location pins for service contractors, exhibitors, and vendors to ensure they go to the correct area. For attendees, they can see where their favorite food truck is by organization categories on the map.

Having a way to quickly share location details during this time is critical. Sometimes people will misplace a document that has this information, and they can also write down the wrong directions. Having important event information on your map and accessible on a smart phone for vendors, is an effective way to keep everyone on the same page.

Digital wayfinding helps you eliminate this “navigation frustration” of getting around. You can use it to drag and drop pins so that visitors can customize routes and have a more positive experience.

Having location points helps your map highlight elements that are relevant to the visitors attending these events. These maps are very rich and specific because they can actually show where the stages, tents, food trucks, bathrooms, etc. are located. Digital maps can make the end-user experience pleasant and is a go-to marketing tool to get people to come back again and again. 

Basic 2D maps are outdated and end up hurting more than helping attendees. With an updated map, it will make it easier to highlight the important parts of the event and it will make sure everyone knows how to get there. 

Create a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are a great way to get people interested in your Summer event without them visiting. They can log on to your website and see updates on how everything is getting built. It can create buzz for the event as well as highlight places to visit.

You can make your tour as broad or as detailed as you like. This makes it easier to inform and persuade any audience while maximizing engagement. It also demonstrates that you’re on the cutting edge of event technology. 

You can do some creative things with these virtual tours:

  • Include panoramic imagery to show off the space itself or give visitors a view showing the city’s skyline.
  • Provide virtual seating views at sports and concert stadiums, arenas, and theaters.
  • Give visitors a sweeping view of scenic areas so they can gain a deeper insight into what your city offers, and provide an immersive experience that lets them feel as if they are actually there.

Where can I make a virtual tour? Concept3d offers a free service called Tour Builder, you can use 360-degree tours or a map tour to inspire visitors and guide them towards the next steps in their journey.

Customizing a 3D rendered map  

You can also benefit from having Interactive content, by creating a customizable 3D rendered map. 3D renderings are so accurate it will seem as if you are flying above the location.


3D rendering software creates hyper-realistic depictions of your space so it can be experienced by anyone, anywhere, and in a big way. 

By using this state-of-the-art software, you can exceed expectations and deliver this content in a more interesting way. With customized 3D renderings, your audience is fully immersed and understands everything they need to know.


As you can see, having digital collateral gives you a major advantage when managing these events. This is because it just takes your content to the next level. Businesses that are highly effective at using it are the ones that are twice as likely to outperform their peers.

Digital collateral is the key to inspirational content and shifts you from just selling your space, facility, or venue to actually sharing experiences and amplifying conversations. Useful content will trounce generic content every time. 

To sum everything up, digital collateral is the best way to stay current in today’s constantly updating culture. Having a map that can do everything from wayfinding to virtual tours can benefit your summer event. By having a good map, you created a marketing tool you can build off of and use for years to come. Contact Concept3D for more information