Where GIS, interactive mapping and 3D rendering come together for a new vantage point

Have a 360° Look Around

Concept3D’s design and production team uses cutting-edge 3D rendering technology, SketchUp, and 3D imaging software to develop 3D renderings from satellite imagery, Google Maps Streetview, on-the-ground photography and digital floor plans to create 3D maps. By using 360º panoramas that are stitched using either our custom interactive 360º software or 3D renders, the Concept3D team creates virtual reality experiences that make your space visible, and almost tangible, to anyone, anywhere, taking it beyond the map.

Create Your Own

Then Build on Top

Gather analytics and display various media formats, layered on top of your 3D map. Turn map layers on or off to create the view to match the moment. Pipe in digital map data and render it in real-time. Whether monitoring assets in transit, using map visualization, deciding on the best way to avoid congested traffic or choosing where to construct a multi-use building, geovisualization to provide the insight you need to make an informed decision. Layer in what matters to your business.


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Where VR Experiences Start

3D renderings are the building blocks for full-blown virtual reality content. Businesses are adopting virtual reality to solve recruiting issues, improve safety, efficiency, and to improve training. Whether you need to visualize facilities or enhance your sales process, there is a way for virtual reality to provide significant value.

Speed Training, Improve Retention

Digital visualization is taking job training and employee recruitment to a whole new level. The result? Employees are more aware of the company, its culture, and the position better joining than hone skills faster, tend to have more job satisfaction, and can learn to deal with hazardous situations at no risk. Whether showing off the perks of office life, how to safely handle a chemical spill, or how to improve customer satisfaction, interactive maps, or virtual tours can give your company a competitive edge. The platform is VR-enable throughout, however, even with minimal VR or none with a virtual map or our 3D interactive map to create that edge.

Attracting the best candidates means being a place someone wants to work; virtual tours, maps, and 3D renderings can make your culture come alive. Retaining the best talent calls for internal communication tools that engage people, no matter how long they have been on board.

Case Study

Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech’s main campus sits on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with sweeping views of the Keweenaw Waterway.
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Michigan Tech

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