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Each audience has unique questions. Concept3D’s interactive digital maps provide the answers. Our interactive map software gives everyone the ability to tackle the art and science of cartography. As the new generation of digital mapping, our solution picks up where other mapping programs leave off, providing interactive maps that are as striking and accurate as they are functional and informative.

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Our design team will work with you to create a stunning interactive 3D map of your business, building, venue, corporate campus, region or municipality. We begin by learning everything we can about your audience and the purpose of your map. Then, we use our custom mapping software to develop base layers that can be turned on or hidden in the background. Once they’re built, you have an editable map that you can take any direction you want.

The features of our platform that allow you to create, manage and publish interactive maps include:

  • Update and customize maps by adding layers with information and digital content
  • Integrate live data feeds, videos and real-time asset tracking
  • Text-Only Map, ARIA tagging for screen-readers, and custom options to enhance accessibility
  • Virtual engagement opportunities for users and visitors
  • Bulk data upload capabilities
  • Incorporate a Map Tour and/or 360° Tour
  • Embed widgets and other apps into your map
  • Support use on mobile devices with responsive design
  • Custom print views
  • Support mobile, kiosk and digital signage
3D Maps

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We’re partners. Every Concept3D customer has a dedicated client service manager ready to help with design and functionality — and to brainstorm new ways to visually communicate information and messages.

Case Study

Michigan Tech

Michigan Tech’s main campus sits on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with sweeping views of the Keweenaw Waterway.
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Michigan Tech

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