Make 2019 the Year of Digital Transformation for Your Enterprise

Regardless of your industry, the term digital transformation has almost certainly come up in meetings and emails. And while it’s a big topic, one of the most compelling digital transformations is bringing your space – from offices to remote site locations and much more – into the digital realm. This makes visualizing them easy, which serves marketing, operations, planning, training, sales and many other departments. Digitizing your space and the assets within also serves audiences in and out of your organization.

Concept3D specialized in creating immersive experiences by using a mix of 3D modeling, interactive software and virtual tours. This powerful combination creates a “wow” factor that not only looks great for your company, but is also incredibly useful for internal and external stakeholders.

And while it may sound difficult or complex, it’s not. Our design team has been doing this for years for clients like Disney, Google, and many others, bringing convention centers, university campuses, remote oil and gas stations, data centers, and other locations into the digital world.

Creating an immersive experience for your enterprise simply makes sense, and once it’s up, you continue to find uses for it from the boardroom to sales meetings and more.

Below are examples of how Concept3D’s immersive technology – through virtual tours and interactive maps – can help make 2019 the year of digital transformation for your enterprise.

Present Your Location with Virtual Tours


Concept3D’s virtual tour platform, Tour Builder, gives anyone the ability, regardless of knowledge of VR or coding, the chance to create their own VR-ready virtual tour, 360° Tour. Through the easy-to-use content management system (CMS) and virtual tour software, you can upload 360° panorama images to give an in-depth look of your office, home, or just about anything that you want to share.  

Tour Builder supports the use of both 360-degree panorama and standard images for tour stops. By using 360-degree images, tours are automatically set up for viewing in VR with the necessary hardware (tour visitors simply toggle VR mode on or off).

Building tours is a simple process, and Tour Builder includes a built-in minimap to highlight the different locations. With the ease of capturing 360-degree images and the simplicity of Concept3D’s Tour Builder, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be offering a virtual tour to create a compelling and interesting experience for your website and social media.  

From hotels to convention centers, data centers and more, Tour Builder is giving our clients the ability to create tours for marketing, training, sales and many other uses.  

Make Exploration Easy, Fun and Useful with Interactive Maps


Still using a PDF map? Let us help you move beyond the PDF and create a dynamic Interactive 3D map that features all the unique features and benefits of your enterprise. You’ll never look back.

A fully interactive 2D or 3D map creates a powerful online experience and can be used to inform future investors and stakeholders of upcoming opportunities and on-site events. The same map can be used for wayfinding, training, and many other uses. And because we integrate our interactive maps with Google Maps or OpenStreetMap, visitors will be able to zoom out and see multiple company locations across a region, country or the globe, as well as being able to find the best way from a local hotel to your front door.

Gone are the days of static, outdated maps. Concept3D’s systems support real-time asset and transportation tracking, access points for real-time video feeds, and hundreds of other applications.

Start off 2019 and put your best foot forward with a focus on the digital transformation of your enterprise.