Making your tour can be a daunting task, here are some tips to help!

Displaying and sharing 360° can seem overly complex, but Tour Builder has made it so easy. Your phone can take panorama images, here is an app that can make that possible if it does not have the functionality built-in. If you do not want to take panorama images, static images will work as well. Having all your pictures ready for your tour is a sure fire way to finish your tour in under 30 minutes. For more information on how to take a panorama visit our help site.

Once you have your media all set to be uploaded in Tour Builder the whole process only takes about 10 minutes. 

Log in or Sign up 

If you want to be able to add video, audio, or additional images you will need to upgrade to Foundation. This will allow you to make a more robust and complete virtual tour.

Create and name your tour

Naming is key for your virtual tour. This is not only how you will find it from within Tour Builder but will also help the end-user understand what they are viewing. It is the first thing they will probably see and set their exceptions. And if you are using this virtual tour for marketing purposes, particularly as part of a content marketing strategy the name is critical to SEO. 

Create a new tour stop and add location

Think of each stop as a paragraph in a story. It is one point with one focus. With Tour Builder that point and focus is just location-based.

Insert media

A picture is worth a thousand words, make those word matter. 

Add a tour description (optional)

Though optional adding a tour description is your opportunity to clarify and add detail. Our recommendation is to always add a description. Over explain, get into the weeds about the stop.