Here are a few of my big take-aways from the event IAVM’s International Convention Center Conference (ICCC) in Pasadena: 

The Guest Experience is Driving Tech

The convention center industry as a whole is looking to advance, and new technology is an important part of that. I had many great conversations about technology, and a common theme was that convention center professionals feel that it’s critical for the industry to look forward. There were some great examples. For example, who from the event could forget how Event Presence used its proprietary LIVEBOTs to bring Jeffrey Tambor, John Quiñones, Larry King and Bob Walker to ICCC virtually?

Tapin2’s SmartVenueTM, a mobile ordering platform that makes it easy for guests, handles business on both sides. Or, as the company puts it, “drives concessions, merchandise, memorabilia and experience revenue.”

There’s the magic word: experience. Every piece of technology must improve the guest experience. All of the new technologies are centered around the guest experience during the conference or trade show, and also giving convention centers the opportunity to use technology as a selling point for meeting planners.  

Safety and Security Are Major Tech Considerations

Convention center safety and security departments are leveraging new technology that can easily be applied to provide a safer environment and improve real-time situational awareness. I heard from several people who stated that a major challenge for the convention center industry is the multiple safety and security systems with little integration or consistency.

Space Management Tech is a Game Changer

Meeting space management technology is an exciting area, and key to using spaces in new and different, more efficient ways. Aside from being able to better manage the traditional meeting spaces, non-traditional spaces – like hallway lobbies – are being used more and more for impromptu meetings, cocktail receptions, meeting breaks, etc. The event teams at convention centers can leverage technology to make the most of these spaces – and meet the needs of meeting planners – in a more efficient manner that’s also fun and different for the guests.

Thanks to IAVM for another great event!

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