Check out these 3 major benefits to allow students to submit content to your calendar!

User generated content is at the heart of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, any social network that thrives on community. So when we’re talking to a new school that is interested in using Localist Events, and hear from admins who are hesitant to allow students to submit events to the school calendar, we put up a good fight.

Now, Localist Events does not force our customers to allow user submitted content, and we have layered permissions that allow admins to moderate user submitted events. Yet some of our customers are still nervous that if they open up the gates, they’ll be dealing with a flood of inappropriate events.

If you are unsure whether or not you should allow students to submit content to your calendar—whether it’s a Localist Events calendar or not—read on. We’ll cover the three major benefits we see as reasons to allow students to submit content to your calendar.

By opening up this option to your students you will:

1. Support student development

As a college administrator, a big part of your work is providing opportunities for students to develop and learn throughout their college years. Being a leader in a student organization is an important way that students can gain experience and develop a sense of responsibility. Student groups plan big events and contribute to the campus culture.

Support these hard-working students by giving them the ability to promote their events on your online calendar. If students can add their own events, they’ll be more likely to engage with the calendar, invite friends, and share the event through social media sites. Plus, what student wouldn’t love to see their event go live on the university website? Student users will feel a sense of community when they view themselves as contributors.

2. Showcase a thriving campus community

Student events on the online calendar will show anyone who visits your website that your campus community is thriving. In today’s online world, your website serves as a digital tour for prospective students and a news update for alums. Your online calendar should function as the digital event flier board. Checking out the large number and wide variety of events on your calendar can take the place of the traditional stroll through the student center to check out the happenings.

3. Save time

Finally, allowing students to post content to your calendar will save you time. Who couldn’t use more time? Rather than contacting student group advisors for a list of upcoming student-sponsored events, allow students to be proactive and add them. Your staff simply has to approve events once they’re already entered. This eliminates an unnecessary step and makes updating your calendar more efficient.

Student event promoters will also appreciate the convenience of submitting an event once and then using the Localist widget and API to share the details wherever they want. This eliminates that pesky middle step we just mentioned. Now you’ve saved time for both yourself and your event contributors.We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sense of community, buzz, and time-savings that will come from allowing students to submit content to your calendar.

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