Does your school have an international campus or study abroad program? This is an asset that may attract many potential students to attend your university.

According to NAFSA the number of U.S. students studying abroad during the 2016-2017 academic year grew 2.3% from the previous academic year. This represents about 1.6% of all U.S. students enrolled at institutions of higher education and about 10% of U.S. graduates.

Students are looking to expand their horizons and study abroad during their time at college. Because of the unique way in which Concept3D’s mapping platform was developed, the interactivity isn’t limited to the college campus alone. In fact, online map visitors can see the entire world through the map, allowing your school to showcase its international presence with potential and current students. With Concept3D, all international locations can be highlighted and include video, VR-ready virtual tours, pictures, and additional information on the courses offered abroad. Some schools that are already using this technology are Dartmouth UniversityLoyola Marymount UniversityKishwaukee College, and Hampshire College. Use your study abroad program as an asset for recruiting new students and as a way to stand out from other schools.


Recruiting New Students

Showing off your school’s many different campuses widens the amount of students that will be interested in your school. Making the decision of what college you want to attend is a big decision. When hunting for the right college (or simply the right study abroad program), students love to see all the opportunities available. Featuring the locations around the globe – and perhaps even students who are currently studying there – is a great way to get others excited about opportunities abroad. Through interactive 3D maps, students could also see examples of homestay locations, classrooms, and learn more about the cities where study abroad centers are located. For example, Lesley University has its different study abroad options displayed on its interactive map, complete with images and descriptions of the offerings.


Marketing Your School’s Commitment to Learning

Offering study abroad programs is a way for your school to showcase its commitment to different types of learning and embracing worldwide cultures. Having these opportunities shown on an interactive map is a great marketing tool for you school. It helps show the diversity you campus offers and this is a great tool to help stand out among the thousands of other colleges in the United States.


Differentiating Your School From Others

Not every school has the option for students to study abroad or have an international experience while attending their university. And if they do, options can vary from school to school. For example, Dartmouth University and Hampshire College both have various study abroad programs, but they are very different. Dartmouth offers full semester options, 8-10 day global insight experiences, first year projects, and more. While Hampshire also offers study abroad programs such as exchange programs and semesters abroad, they have fewer and different offerings than Dartmouth. With interactive maps, these differences are clearly displayed.  Many students want to study abroad and it is something they are looking for when choosing which college to go to. Incorporating your international campuses or study abroad options into an immersive map, not only tells students about their options but it shows them, giving them a tool to visualize all of the options they will have.

If your school already has an international presence, why not show that off? Concept3D’s interactive platform allows you to put your best foot forward and show students everything that you have to offer.