Martha’s Vineyard, MA is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, just south of Cape Cod. Its beautiful beaches and pleasant summer weather attract thousands of tourists during the warmer seasons. Planning an island vacation is no easy feat, so a destination map that consolidates all information into one place can maximize time and make planning activities more enjoyable. 

This is a great example of using our atlas3D interactive map platform for hospitality needs. Because they can expand to include not only the primary areas of focus, but also attractions, hotels, restaurants and other items of interest nearby (beaches!), interactive maps are incredibly powerful and flexible. 

The atlas3D map was launched by “This Week on Martha’s Vineyard”, a media outlet with print and online channels. The goal of the map is to help visitors find great places to go, but also gives This Week an easy way to promote specific locations – with the possibility of earning revenue – guiding people to events, happy hours, etc., and serving as a hub of information for the area. This Week uses the interactive map to profile events, activities, nightlife, food, shopping, hiking trails and much more. 360-degree images let online visitors dive right into the action, from mainstreet to hotels and restaurants. 

The Martha’s Vineyard interactive map and virtual tour platform includes several features that can truly enhance visitor experience. Below we share four of our favorites. 

Key Feature

Perfect for a remote travel destination, this map provides a key to locate ATM’s, restrooms, wifi, and gas stations. Amidst an outing, visitors can use this feature on their map to navigate to a desired amenity. Simply select what you are looking for on the drop down menu to reveal pinpoints of all amenity locations on the map.



Guests contemplating where to stay during their visit can utilize the “Where to Stay” tab. This feature locates all lodging options organized into three categories; hotels and inn’s, house rentals and resorts. By using this layer in conjunction with the beach and activity layers, guests can select the best location to stay based on their vacation itinerary. In each location’s pop-up window, photos, details and directions are conveniently listed. Visitors can scroll to the side of the island that they are most interested in and view all the accommodation possibilities in that area.  


Taking this interactive map even further is the “event’s feature.” Martha’s Vineyard boasts a continuous line-up of parties, markets, festivals etc,. Prospective guests can see both current and upcoming events on the island, as well as where they will be taking place. Upon selecting an event, you are provided a pop-up window full of information and, often, the option to view a 360° photo of the location.  



Map Tour Highlight

In addition to the interactive map, the site offers four virtual tours – our favorite being the Edgartown bar crawl. This bar crawl tour takes you to six great locations all located in Edgartown, a town located in the southeast region of the Island. A recommended route is provided, that is visible in street view or an overhead view. Once selected, each stop’s pop-up window is complete with an address, photos, phone numbers, and a menu link!


The island’s interactive platform is designed to give guests the most enjoyable experience possible. atlas3D can help to implement any of these features into your city’s map as well.

The This Week on Martha’s Vineyard map proves that there is no limit to the creativity and potential of the atlas3D platform.