All businesses have physical locations, whether it is your home office, leased space in an office building or a commercial property you own.  Here are some of the different ways to display the location of your business:

Maps from Google And Apple That Let the SEO Take the Wheel

Map APIs from Google and Apple provide mini resources for companies to build location maps. If you have a small business and are working on improving SEO, then location maps with these common services are an ideal investment for your company. Using maps from Google and Apple is an ideal way to bring another dimension to your clients or customers.

The features available with map APIs include 3D graphics and 360-degree views as well as directions and the ability to include different locations of your business.  You may be asking, yourself “Why should I use Google for location maps for your business?” This gives you options like integrating Google My Business pages and other SEO strategies that help improve the listing of your business. Google is still one of the best options for company location maps, and with the help of a professional service, they can provide you with all the details you need for your business. 

There are also many features that can be used with the help of Apple in their math services. Apple map services can be great to for users of Apple products, but it has limited features as compared to other map location services like OpenStreetMap, Google, and many other competitors. If you want to have farther reaching SEO campaigns, talk to a 3D design service about integrating Apple Map services into company location maps for your business.

Using Open Source Geospatial Data with Open Street Maps

In addition to the common Google and Apple approach to business location maps, there also open source options like geospatial data and OpenStreetMap. If you are looking for a solution to build your company location maps from scratch, this is one of the best options. It has an active community and is ideal for small businesses. There are services that can help you with the creation of maps and walk you through the process. OpenStreetMap’s many features that you can use for location maps for your business. Some of these features include:

  • The ability to add nodes
  • Easily mark lines for roads, access, and property-lines
  • Tag features of the location map with important data

These are some of the many features that you will be able to add to an OpenStreetMap. There are also features like important features like import and automation that make these maps a useful tool for businesses.

OSM via Mapbox SaaS Designed by Concept3D For Non-GIS Professionals

For your business, you may need more features and integration of business software. today, business is used SAAS services for many applications and software needs for everyday business. OSM via Mapbox will provide your business with many of the location map features that can be integrated into SaaS services. This is a solution for non-GIS professionals and will require some professional help for implementation from 3D design services like Concept3D.  

What is Mapbox? It is an all-in-one SaaS solution for company location map designs and services. For example, if you want to know more than just how to build company location maps, Mapbox’s features include the latest technology, such as data visualization and maps with integrated augmented reality. Mapbox is a live location platform that offers you many different options for creating company location maps that are interactive and provide your business with real-time data that you can use. This is a platform that is designed for developers come out which means a professional 3D design service can help with the integration of important features that you want to use with your business.

 External Pin Locations Only: Google and Apple Maps with OSM via Mapbox


Another option for company location maps is to use Google and Apple maps to create external pin locations. This will allow you to use pin locations for business data. For external pin locations, you will want to use the Google and Apple maps API with OSM via Mapbox. Mapbox provides a simple business solution for company location maps. With simple pin locations, you can track important business data, such as the routes of sales teams or visits to client locations.

External Locations with Specific Information Using Google and Apple Maps and OSM via Mapbox SaaS

There may be times when you need to provide specific information using Google or Apple maps. OSM via Mapbox SaaS is the perfect solution for adding more data to your company location maps, which can be used internally and externally. The external data can also be imported and used for solutions like creating databases to use for gathering important information.

For example, a sale team out in the field may mark visits to locations on a company location map. This data can be used to create a database of leads that have been followed by their pin-location on the map. Another database can provide information on leads that need to be followed. This is just one example of how external locations with specific data can be used for customer relationship management, sales and other important business tasks that are often handled by SaaS services today.  

These are some of the different ways you can display the location of your business for internal and external needs. If you need locations maps for your business, contact Concept3D for help with design, development, and implementation of 3D designs that fulfill the specific needs of your business.

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