From CampusBird Blog

Let’s start with a shocking statement: an interactive campus map is a great way to get the attention of students who are interested in your institution but may not be able to visit your campus. Okay, maybe that statement was not all that shocking, especially considering the fact that in a 2012 survey, 30% of students considered an interactive virtual tour to be a “must have” in their college selection process. Additionally, a separate 2012 survey found that viewing a campus map changed 33 percent of students’ opinion of the campus for the better.

But to be successful, the process of creating an interactive map needs to be strategic. Rather than simply jumping in thinking it will help your institution regardless, careful planning and preparation is essential. To help you in that process and ensure that you get a map that will help promote your campus to prospective students and serve as a valuable tool to current students, here are 5 things you need to know before creating an interactive campus map.

1) Highlight Your School’s Unique Selling Points

Your interactive map is a perfect tool to help highlight your campus to students considering you as an option. That means it needs to profile the best elements of your institution – the locations, programs, activities, history, surroundings, etc. that will make you stand out with students.

Do you have fantastic extracurricular activities or an amazing on-campus collection of art? Highlight them with a virtual tour, slideshow or video. How about a state-of-the-art science facility that will attract future biology students? Make sure it features prominently.

Do you have specific services or facilities that demonstrate that your institution understands and cares about the needs of all of your students, such as lactation rooms for new mothers, accessibility routes for the disabled, gender-neutral restrooms, or campus worship rooms? Add them to your map! Is there a piece of natural beauty or notable historic site or monument on-campus or nearby? The list goes on…

Knowing and highlighting the aspects that make your campus life special helps you come up with a plan on how to optimize your map.