360 cameras have become increasingly popular over recent years and for good reason. A 360 camera is similar to other cameras in that it allows you to record the moment. However, where a 360 camera’s strengths lie is in the fact that it captures video from up and down and left to right. Which allows a full view of the scene and producing a fully immersive experience for viewers. A 360 camera has multiple lenses that are usually wide-angle and are in the shape of an eyeball.

What are the Benefits of a 360 Camera?

360 videos have revolutionized the way businesses advertise as they provide an overall better marketing experience. In fact, video marketing is already leading with 92% of mobile video consumers sharing videos with others. With a 360 camera, businesses can really push engagement, stand out among competitors, and attract a larger audience. 

Additionally, viewers can expect their experience to be heightened, allowing businesses to keep them more engaged. 360 cameras are powerhouse tools that allow viewers to get a full view of the scene, allowing more information to be taken in at one time. For this reason, 360 cameras have been widely used at events such as concerts, keynotes, and even the Super Bowl. 

360 cameras are also ideal for gathering additional data. With an immerse viewing experience comes more engagement. With that said, it is no wonder why 360 cameras have become businesses’ first choice in advertising spend. 360 cameras provide a better opportunity to gather important data that is relevant to your business. That information will help businesses tailor their marketing strategy and attract new customers. With that said, we’re going to explore 5 360 video cameras to help you engage with your audience and gain a competitive advantage.

1. Samsung Gear 360 (low tier)


This budget-friendly 360 camera priced at around $95 gets the job done by offering everything you need for an immersive experience. The Samsung Gear 360 lets users record in 4K and users can broadcast live giving viewers a real-time experience. 

This 360 camera is smaller and redesigned with an easy-to-grip body. Images come out crisp, clear, and high-quality due to the 4K video capabilities. Additionally, with the help of the Samsung Gear app, users can provide a unique view of the scene without the need for multiple lenses. Thanks to the app, users have five different view modes to choose from.

4K 360 video
Easy-to-use app
Live stream option

No stabilization
Not great in low-light situations
Photo quality is lacking
4K video quality lacks detail

2. Detu Twin (low tier)

The Detu Twin is an ultra-thin lightweight 360 camera priced at $119.00 and comes fully-loaded with quality features. Users can live stream in real time on 3K, view videos and photos, and share instantly to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, allowing users to get in front of their audience seamlessly.

Additionally, the Detu Twin comes with F2.0 fisheye lens and instant auto 360×360 image stitching to create a segmented panorama high-quality image. 

Built with good quality materials 
Instant share
Automatic stitching through the app

App doesn’t work well
Uses a high amount of storage
Thin case


3. Insta 360 One (middle tier)

The Insta 360 One, sitting at a solid $299, will take your videos to the next level by allowing users to capture every angle in up to 240 FPS. This camera can be used remotely on your phone, be linked to your phone, or can be mounted on its accessory.

One of the greatest things about the Insta360 One, is that individuals can create pro-level edits with ultra-smooth camera movements ensuring that each video is made with quality and represents professionalism. Additionally, this camera includes Smart Track, which follows any subject providing stable video and top notch focus for a better viewing experience. Users can also enjoy the benefits of hyperlapse, allowing the camera to move from place to place by taking a sequence of frames.

Great value
Shoots 4K video
Larger 24-megapixel photos
Can shoot raw files

The app isn’t user-friendly
Not the best in low-light situations
Images can be oversaturated
An adapter is required for Android phones

4. 360 Fly 4K (middle tier) 

This small 360 camera is built to last with a hard external shell making it ideal for any activity. Priced at $499.99, this camera comes with high-quality 4K video capture and users can shoot, edit, and share videos in less than 90 seconds. Additionally, this durable camera is dust proof, shockproof, and water resistant making it a great choice for capturing various activities.

Easy-to-use editing app
No stitching

Issues with recorded audio
Not the best in low-light situations
The view is not spherica


5. GoPro Fusion (high-tier)

The GoPro Fusion is an excellent choice when it comes to creating engaging videos to meet the needs of viewers. At $699.99, this 360 camera is an excellent choice for those looking to create next-level videos. The GoPro Fusion offers VR experience with 5.2K video. 

Another excellent benefit of the GoPro Fusion is the fact that it produces amazing video audio in every direction for a heightened experience. This 360 camera is also waterproof down to 16ft. Its fusion grip with built-in extension pole and tripod makes it an ideal choice to get the job done. In addition to this, the GoPro Fusion studio allows users to seamlessly sync videos with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. 

Superb video quality
Water resistant 
Manual controls
Excellent stabilization 
Monopod attachment included 
Shoots non-360 “over-capture” video

Long rendering times
360 photos are limited to 18mp
Requires two micro SD cards
Some users have experienced bugs in the desktop software

6. Facebook Surround x24 (high-tier)

Facebook is evolving 360 content with the Facebook Surround x24. This 360 camera comes packed with 24 cameras and captures images in 3D. Additionally, the Facebook Surround x24 offers six degrees of freedom, allowing users to move up/down, left/right, and forward/backward so that the scene can be seen at various angles.  

Facebook Surround x24 was first announced in Spring 2017; however, no official release date has been set in partnership with RED. Based on RED’s existing lineup, it will be a premium product and will likely be on the expensive side.

Wrap up

While all of these options are excellent choices, it’s important to choose a 360 camera that falls in line with your needs. 360 cameras are certainly pushing the way we view the world. While still relatively new in the tech world as compared to other cameras, it has made its mark as one of the best cameras for businesses globally.

Concept3D provides an interactive virtual experience with cutting-edge 3D technology. Businesses that are looking to raise the bar and engage their audience should consider investing in a 360 camera. If you are uncertain on whether a 360 camera is right for you or need help in finding one that will give your audience a captivating experience, be sure to check out our list or contact us for questions.