You need a campus map or virtual tour for fall but there is not enough time to get it launched. Or is there? Have no fear we will walk you through the timeline to launch and what to expect!

Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are the quickest route to a product from the kick-off call to product launch. If you are motivated, you could have a virtual tour within 2 weeks of your first phone call. You read that correctly, within 2 weeks. So what does the timeline look like?

Virtual Tour timeline. From kick off call, to photography, to tour builder CMS training, to collect & add stop content, Final Review and Tour Launch.

We start with an introductory call to get to know your exact needs. If we both like each other, we will schedule a photographer. Our photographers are typically available within a week. If you want to use your own photographer, or if you already have 360º panoramic photos, that is completely fine to do so! We cannot vouch for the quality or speed of photographers from outside of our list of photographers. 

After we square away photographers, we will hold a quick training for our Content Management System (CMS). We provide training and quarterly check-ins because we want you to be successful with our product. Several clients have found unique solutions to their problems with our CMS. If you prefer to have a more hands-off approach, we have solutions for that as well. 

The next step on the roadmap is collecting and adding the content to your virtual tour. Once the photographer returns the 360º panoramas, usually that next week, it’s time to make your virtual tour! We encourage a final review of the tour before you launch to iron out any wrinkles. And that’s it! In just a few short weeks, your prospective students can view your campus from wherever they are – in an extraordinary interactive way. 

Interactive Map

Interactive maps take a bit longer to set up but can still be relatively quick with a motivated party. You can launch your interactive map in as little as 90 days. So what makes this process longer than the virtual tour?

Interactive maps are designed in-house by our prestigious Production Team. There are two main segments of the production process – making the renders and making revisions. Both rely on a certain amount of back and forth. For example, we can’t start on the renders until we have the blueprints or images of the buildings. Similarly, we can’t begin the revision process until we know what revisions are needed. The clients that launch quickly do so because they are great communicators that respond promptly to our request for assets. 

Data feeds can sometimes be tricky as well. This is why it is crucial to talk to your salesperson about data feeds during your sales cycle. More information up-front about data feeds will smooth out any misunderstandings in the future. Examples of that data feed can be advantageous as we can verify our integration. 


In short, communication is key. Clients motivated to launch their virtual tour or interactive map makes us excited. If you are ready to start moving quickly, so are we. We can launch virtual tours as early as two weeks from your kick-off call, and interactive maps as early as 90 days.