03/15/2022 – Denver, CO

PlatformQ Education, the leading developer on digital engagement strategies and software, and Concept3D, the leader in location driven interactive mapping and virtual tour experiences, today announced a strategic partnership that will provide expanded insights into virtual touring and mapping as well as an enhanced virtual experience for prospective applicants through integration of PlatformQ and Concept3D solutions. The result of this partnership will be better marketing outcomes and improved efficiency for enrollment and university marketers.


As institutions return to a ‘new normal’, digital content and experiences remain a priority for annual recruitment campaigns and critical to the success of delivering positive outcomes. The return to office and opening of campuses to in-person experiences drove yet another realignment of priorities but the learnings and value delivered by digital content and virtual experiences cannot be understated.

By connecting Conduit to Concept3D’s virtual tour and mapping experiences, institutions will realize immediate and increased insights into the impact that these experiences have on their overall recruitment campaigns.

The market continues to validate the positive impact of virtual tours and experiences — data supporting the positive impact on prospective student engagement, time on site, and the overall impact on enrollment campaigns continues to impress. The connection of Conduit and Concept3D’s virtual tour offerings will uplevel analytic insights and enable institutions to connect the dots between Anonymous visitors and identified prospects in the institutions CRM and marketing automation platforms.

Client data indicates that students who interact with content on Conduit apply at a higher rate and progress through the funnel faster than students who do not interact with content on Conduit. By combining tools that maximize their engagement and time on site, like campus tours and maps with the interactive experiences on Conduit, we anticipate significantly higher ROI for our shared clients. Further, the integration of Concept3D interactive mapping and virtual tour experiences to the PlatformQ Education virtual offerings will provide additional benefits and improved marketing engagements.

Connecting virtual tours and Maps built by Concept3D to Conduit happens automatically with no additional investment or resources from clients.

Learn more about Conduit if you’re interested in maximizing digital engagement and integrating amazing content, including mapping and virtual tours, into your campaigns. Visit Concept3D if you’re interested in building amazing virtual tours and mapping experiences.

Stay tuned for additional updates on this exciting partnership from two digital experience and marketing leaders!