Universities and colleges are always searching for innovative ways to enhance the student experience, especially during key transitional periods like orientation. One effective tool that’s often overlooked is the online social calendar.

Orientation is an ideal opportunity to leverage your calendar for maximum reach and impact. New students arrive on campus eager to immerse themselves in their new community, seeking opportunities to make friends, and understand their new campus life. Your online calendar could be the ideal platform for them to start their journey.

Let’s explore six strategies to transform your orientation into an online calendar publicity wonderland:

1. Make Your Calendar an Orientation Resource

Begin by posting all orientation events on your calendar. As students look for ways to participate, your calendar will quickly become the go-to hub for orientation events. Announce that all orientation event details are available through the online calendar.

2. Highlight Social Media Integration

Today’s students are always connected. Show them how your calendar can help them discover which events their new friends are attending and which ones are trending. Emphasize the importance of digital connection during orientation.

3. Go Mobile

Equip students with a mobile campus map linked with your mobile events calendar. This will not only inform them about what’s happening but also where it’s happening.

4. Embrace Swag

Orientation is a swag haven. Consider including a link or QR code to your calendar on some orientation swag. This will create awareness and make it easier for students to access the calendar.

5. Collaborate with Campus Departments

Encourage various campus offices and academic departments to promote the college online calendar. As they distribute orientation materials, it’s a great opportunity to also highlight the calendar and its benefits.

6. Boost Your Calendar’s Web Presence

Strategically place links or widgets pointing to the calendar on high-traffic pages that new students are likely to visit.

Implementing these strategies can greatly enhance your orientation process, making it a publicizing wonderland that benefits both the students and your institution. Remember, even if adoption is slow at first, the newest class can lead the way, influencing future cohorts. Want to learn more about how Localist can help engage your students? Try a demo.