You want engaging, interactive on-campus events that are well attended and smoothly managed. Your students want to feel connected and inspired while they gain information and experiences that are relevant and applicable to their lives. But how do you know this is happening without college campus event analytics tools?

No one in higher education has time to waste. So that means that the most compelling events will have immediate relevance to stakeholders. Done well, event organization can be a tool for:

But to reach those goals, you need to know your metrics. That requires college campus event analytics tools you can trust. Successful event planning requires a deep understanding of past event performance so that future events can be fine-tuned to meet the unique needs of your institution.

Choosing an event management platform is key to long-term success for in-person, on-campus events. Let’s look closer at how college campus event analytics tools will provide you with the functionality you need to optimize your events, from planning to implementation to follow-up.

Why On-Campus Events Matter

Live, on-campus events are a major part of creating lasting impressions on students. From small-scale events built around a specific club or interest to major speakers attracting members of the surrounding community, on-campus events help create a culture of connectivity.

These events take a lot of planning and coordination. When your institution is making such an investment of resources and time, you want to make sure you have the college campus event analytics tools that will help you learn from every experience and apply the lessons from your data to future events.

These platforms have the tools you need to succeed in on-campus event planning.

1. Concept3D’s Localist Events

Many leading higher education institutions trust Concept3D’s Localist Events solution to provide the cohesion, organization, and flow they need for successful on-campus events. This user-friendly calendar brings the campus community the information they need to make events seamless and well-integrated into student life.

Centralized Event Listings

Localist aggregates listings for all types of events into a single interactive calendar. This centralized experience is crucial to keeping events from falling through the cracks.

Students are already inundated with calls for their attention from social media, email, and texts. They need a centralized place to serve as a trustworthy source of information about events.

This calendar also acts as a discovery hub for finding the events most relevant to them. Students will feel empowered and engaged to be a part of their campus community.

Measuring Event Performance

Access to high-quality college campus event analytics tools allows stakeholders to gain insight into successes and setbacks throughout the event planning process to plan more successful future events.

With Localist Events, event planners can gather the information they need at a glance and have the functionality to drill down into additional detail.

The comprehensive analytics suite gives users a dashboard full of the information they need to improve event marketing and user engagement across all types of events.

Some of the most useful views include the following details:

  • Trending Events
  • Registrations
  • Social Activity
  • Admin Activity
  • Attendee Geography

Analytics and Insights

Successful events at higher education institutions are those that specifically meet the needs of the local community. Your event planners need functional college campus event analytic tools to understand whether or not they’re reaching those goals.

With Localist, you eliminate the guesswork! Gauge the impact of your events with ease when you measure specified outcomes. These KPI metrics can be customized to fit your institution’s needs and optimize outcomes.

With these college campus event analytic tools, you can recruit new community members and help foster long-lasting connections. This is a crucial way to boost student retention and overall student success rates.

You can also use these insights to tailor future events to your audience’s interests. Give your event planners inspiration for new topics and formats likely to resonate with your individual student population and their needs.

Branding and Design

Localist is a white-label solution that offers the administration the ability to streamline the calendar with existing institutional branding.

Why does this matter? You want students to feel a cohesive connection to your brand throughout the experience, from discovery to interactive event registration and beyond.

Attention to brand cohesion enhances the user experience. Also, the bounce rate is significantly lower when users have a smooth visual experience.

Keep students on the site for more engagement, more attendance, and more successfully implemented events!

Registration and Ticketing

Campus using college campus event analytics tools and software to measure attendance

Event management systems for institutions of higher education need to be able to handle complex event registration for both paid and free events. Ideal solutions provide donation options, promo codes, and flexible ticket groups.

Localist brings all of these tools to give event planners the flexibility they need to successfully launch high-profile events likely to draw huge crowds of participants from the local community and beyond. You can also launch smaller, more localized events designed to engage a select group of students.

The Register tool on Localist offers secure ticketing, check-in options, financial payouts, and more.

There is often a wide range of stakeholders involved in events for these institutions. So the event management tools need to provide accurate, flexible financial options that ensure all fees are properly assigned with timely delivery.

Localist handles the logistics so that your event planners can focus on what matters most: bringing high-quality content and interactive engagement to the people who need it.

Seamless Digital Promotion

You can plan the most impressive, innovative, and engaging events imaginable. But none of it matters if you can’t get the word out to students.

Localist offers a suite of event marketing tools that will boost attendance and make targeted marketing campaigns seamless.

This suite of tools includes the following:

  • Bulletin: The built-in native email newsletter tool, Bulletin, allows event planners to automate email marketing. You can then easily reach the entire community, including mobile users.
  • Social Media Integration: Schedule social media posts across platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Ensure high-profile placement of your events where participants are most likely to see them.
  • Automated SEO: Enhance rankings on organic search results through automated SEO technology that improves event visibility.
  • Interactive Event App: Students love the social engagement available through Localist’s event app. Increased connection means more attendance and organic marketing.

2. Concept3D’s My Campus Experience

In addition to the Localist Events solution for streamlining on-campus events and event planning, Concept3D offers My Campus Experience.  This robust tool is designed with personalization and engagement at the forefront.

My Campus Experience also puts the power of connectivity right at students’ fingertips. Using their personal profile to learn about their needs and interests, My Campus Experience provides on-demand, interactive opportunities to get involved.

One of its many benefits is the ability to make college campus event analytics tools readily available for event planners and other stakeholders.

Key Features of My Campus Experience

My Campus Experience aggregates events and experiences into a user-friendly and mobile-ready platform with features like:

  • Personalized Student Dashboards: Bring students’ interests front and center. Then you can help them blaze a path directly to their personal experience on campus.
  • Engagement Data: Tracking which users are drawn to specific events (including real-time metrics) can give event planners better tools for marketing, resource allocations, and more.
  • Enhanced Communication Tools: Reach students with just-in-time communication tools designed to prime them for maximum engagement with the community. Then, follow up to get invaluable data about their event experience and level of engagement.
  • Optimized Marketing Campaigns: Build marketing campaigns that target users with custom events designed with their interests in mind.

3. Event Management also provides event management software. It offers college campus event analytics with a range of features that can make both large-scale and small-scale events seamless and engaging.

Key Features of

  • Support for Free and Paid Events: Support for free and paid events allows on-campus event planners to meet a flexible range of needs.
  • Branded Event Registration: Cohesive, branded event registration gives students a sense of connectivity to the campus throughout the experience.
  • Streamlined Event Launch: Users can easily launch events using a user-friendly and efficient dashboard.

4. EventPro

Offering a multi-faceted solution for event management, EventPro is a professional solution for college campus event analytics. Furthermore, it provides a host of tools in one streamlined platform. Event planners will have a range of solutions designed to manage forward-facing registration and behind-the-scenes workflows.

Key Features of EventPro

  • Planning and Scheduling Tools: With drag-and-drop functionality, EventPro boasts ease of use in planning and scheduling events. You can create a user-friendly interface for registration.
  • Floor Plan Management: Higher education institutions will appreciate EventPro’s floor plan management tools for creating efficient plans that can be easily communicated to exhibitors, staff, and others involved with the event.
  • KPI Tools: A customizable KPI module allows users to track the analytic data most relevant to their specific event, giving flexibility and control to these college campus event analytics tools.

5. Cvent

Cvent specializes in events, meetings, and hospitality technology. But they also provide tools built for what universities need. Their suite of solutions includes tools designed for higher education institutions and the ability to promote, execute, and evaluate on-campus events.

Key Features of Cvent

  • Continuous Engagement: By providing tools for engagement that span before, during, and after the event, Cvent gives users tools for evaluation and the ability to collect much-needed data for measuring success and adjusting future events.
  • Built-In AI: Streamline the experience of creating successful event descriptions and experiences with built-in AI tools.
  • Custom Data Reports: Measure the data that’s most important to you and distribute it to all involved stakeholders with customizable data reports designed for action.

Elevate Your On-Campus Event Management With Concept3D

Institutions of higher education have options for providing an excellent user experience with high-quality engagement tools.

When selecting which platform is right for your institution, it’s important to remember that college campus event analytics tools are a key part of the package.

Understanding the data behind your events will allow you to make better choices regarding resources, marketing, scheduling, and communication.

Concept3D’s Localist provides a robust set of tools designed to make event planning efficient and meaningful from beginning to end and beyond.

Start with a user-friendly calendar that collates events into a single user experience. Then give students a personalized dashboard based on individual student profiles. Also, use high-powered analytical tools designed to measure customized outcomes. Ultimately, Concept3D provides a full-package solution for successful on-campus event management.

To learn more about how Concept 3D’s Localist can make campus events a success at your institution, contact us to schedule a demo of our college campus event analytics tools today!