We’re proud that our atlas3D platform has been recently featured in some notable media outlets. Here are a few of the latest:

Hospital Wayfinding Bridges Digital Divide

Health Facilities Management, Neal Lorenzi

“Madeline Hennessy, director of sales, concept3D Inc., Boulder, Colo., agrees that mobile-friendly wayfinding is a growing trend. “In our own data — comparing the first six months of 2016 to that of 2015 — we’ve seen a 10 percent increase in mobile traffic to our clients’ interactive maps. That’s a big jump and it’s only going to continue. Still, desktop represents more than 50 percent of our clients’ overall traffic.”

The company’s data also show that many people still want hard copy maps. They are using concept3D’s atlas3D interactive map and media platform to select specific buildings or directions so they can print out exactly what they need to get around a facility.”


New Mapping Tech Can Help Attract Clients

Innovations in modern cartography offer new tools for real estate professionals to connect with current and future clients.

REALTOR Magazine, Meg White

“…One such company is atlas3D, where programmers use the open-source OpenStreetMap system as a base upon which they stack professionally designed renderings of buildings, videos, interactive 3-D photography, and landscaping, to help tell the story of a place. They can bring in information about comps from an MLS and update data in real time. The maps they build can also easily be embedded on a brokerage’s website, which helps bring consumers back to your site.

“The interactive media draws people in and allows them to get a feel for the space,” says Madeline Hennessy, director of sales at concept3D Inc., the parent company of atlas3D. She notes that the ability to embed these assets into their maps is a real draw for the real estate industry. “Real estate pros could easily make a virtual tour of their most recent or most popular properties and send the map out by email to clients and promote it on their websites, social media, flyers, and any other channels they use.” Commercial real estate companies such as Keys Commercial in Boulder, Colo., and Highland-March Workspaces in the southern suburbs of Boston have used atlas3D’s services to highlight the location of available properties within the larger community. And entire cities such as Stapleton, Colo., and Ontario, Calif., use the maps to highlight what’s special about their areas in a new, interactive way.”


From health care facilities to commercial real estate, arenas, conference centers, senior living communities, and more, the atlas3D interactive map and media platform is a powerful tool to digitally profile your location. Contact us today to learn more.