What We Expect to See in 2018 – Concept3D Team Members Share their Thoughts

From new data visualization applications to 3D map navigation and more innovative ways to deliver visual experiences, the Concept3D team has plans for a big year ahead. Below are quotes from several of the team members about what to expect in 2018 from the company and what we’ll see in the industries we support.

Gordon Boyes – CEO


“We’re going to see a lot of growth in the intersection of location, data and 3D.” We saw that in 2017 already, but the pace will quicken as companies realize the benefits.

Jill Bobrick – Product Manager


“The benefits of many of the products and innovative technology we’ve been working on and launched in the past year are really going to start catching on with a variety of different verticals in the mapping and data visualization space.”

Gregg Larson, VP of Software Development


“We will continue to create new and innovative ways to profile and visualize data in 3D, as well as provide a server infrastructure that can scale on demand to deliver 3D experiences quickly on any device.”

Zack Mertz, VP of Design and Production


“2018 is AR, VR, Vector maps and 3D Maps. We’re going to see some notable advancements in using visual graphics through new software technologies. We create a lot of 3D models at Concept3D, and we anticipate that this year our clients will be able to orbit around their map instead of looking at a 2D flat image of a 3D model. It’s a complicated task because everyone has a different phone with different versions of power, but it’s also exciting because phones are getting better and better. We are also looking into how we can explore our 3D models in AR and VR, such as placing a 3D version of a campus map on the floor in your room.”

Robert Johnson, VP of Business Development


“I expect to see growth into a number of new and exciting industries, resulting in new applications and use cases for mapping, data visualization and content management across the corporate enterprise. Internally, sales will be more tightly integrated with marketing and operations to further demonstrate the value that our technology and team members at Concept3D provide to our clients across the board.  Customers will continue to be our #1 priority.”

Carolyn Hushek – Head of Client Success


“We’ll see the ability to provide clients with quicker product launches, and existing clients will be drawn to additional products that the Concept3D platform offers. I anticipate that we’ll see a lot more day-to-day use of our products and more client engagement, including higher levels of map usage and collaborations with clients on specific or custom needs.”

Madeline Hennessy – Director of Sales


“Twenty seventeen was a big year in terms of reaching new markets and industries, and that’s going to continue in 2018. We’ll also be challenging our product capabilities for bigger, more extensive and robust projects.”

Chris Munz – VP of Business Development


We’ve just scratched the surface of the potential of the Concept3D platform for the meetings, events and hospitality industries. Super exciting to see all the interest and the venues that we’ve worked with bring their physical spaces into a powerful, intuitive and easily navigable digital format. There’s so much utility in a single map, from reaching the public at large to internal needs and operations, and then to making it easy  – and even fun – for meeting and event planners to find and lay out their ideal location. We’ll definitely see more venues and event spaces looking for the best tools to highlight their competitive advantages and improve the overall guest experience.”