The days of 2D maps are over. People want to zoom in, they want to experience first-hand views, and most importantly, they want to receive real-time updates. 3D mapping technology is the solution, and real-time editable maps are the leading way for businesses to deliver a unique and useful experience. 

Interactive maps are best built from the ground up, giving businesses full control over the imagery, information, and interactivity. Here are a few ways editable maps can support your business.

Cater maps to specific events

Digital maps are dynamic and allow a host of industries – from convention centers and venues to hospitals and resorts – to rapidly create and update their maps. For example, convention centers with quick turn of events can implement an editable map to create a custom layout for each of their clients. An inactive layer designed for a specific conference can be added and delivered to the event organizer, updated with their feedback and specifications, and be live online before the event starts. In fact, it can be scheduled to go live as soon as the previous event ends and their map is no longer needed. 

This allows the convention center to design a layer for their next client, without losing any time between events or having to worry about breaching confidentiality agreements. It’s simply the most efficient way to make use of digital mapping and answers questions before they even need to be asked. Everyone attending an event, from staff to visitors, knows exactly where they need to be and how to get there. Talk about a timesaver!

Construction companies are creating a visual projection of completed projects

Construction companies are using digital maps to map out their projects, both for their staff and for developers and clients. 3D mapping systems allow them to easily highlight where new buildings will replace current structures, note the different phases of each project, and display where further construction will happen in the future.


On a public-facing interactive map, hazards such as road closures and off-limit areas, along with an overview of what the finished project will look like, can be published and updated instantly. Timelines of a construction project’s process can be laid out so that those impacted can follow the real-time progress. 

Complement your event promotions and marketing efforts

One of the fields in which concept3D’s editable are particularly innovative is within the events industry. With real-time updates, the atlas3D platform allows venues and event organizers to help customers find their way to an event and circumnavigate the venue upon arrival. They can go so far as to pinpoint the exact location of their seat and mark the nearest restroom.

Concession stands, souvenir shops, food and beverage vendors, information, promoted areas, and emergency assistance can be mapped with as much information as necessary for the event. Real-time information on seat sales (including 360 degree pano views) and availability can be displayed on the maps as well. Customers can also identify off-site deals in the area for places such as hotels, restaurants and nearby attractions. 

Weather / Emergency-related updates

Interactive maps can be utilized in any situation where weather or other environmental issues are a factor. Users can view the map on their mobile device for last-minute updates, changes, and notes. Businesses can update their digital maps in the event of a last-minute change, such as a large over-night snowstorm, a change in a check-in location, or specific areas for VIP guests, etc.  Via the interactive 3D map, businesses and event organizers can provide up-to-the-minute information on road closures, parking, safety precautions, ADA accessibility information, and much more. 

In the instance of an emergency, users can post specific instructions, directions, and include the way-finding feature, giving guests real-time information on what to do and how to stay safe. During an emergency, editable maps are incredibly useful for hospitals. They can use their map to mark specific arrival and staging locations for people arriving in an emergency situation. Data integration could offer information such as estimated wait-time in the emergency room and specific instructions related to the situation at hand.

Editable maps help businesses adapt to constant changes

Versatility is perhaps the biggest asset of 3D, interactive maps. When physical details change, the entire map can be updated to reflect the changes. If you are running a retail outlet or another location-dependent business, this is particularly helpful during construction projects both outside and inside the building. Keep your patrons aware of parking issues and road closures in order to help them find their way around any frustrating obstacles. Another important feature is the ability to note accessibility ramps for your business, whether temporary or permanent.

Staying current and staying ahead

3D editable maps are one of the easiest ways to stay ahead of tech trends. 

Interested in hearing how an interactive map can support your business? Give us a call and let’s chat about moving your business forward.