There are a variety of unique possibilities for certain map programs that will make it so that you can useful services to your visitors. Here are a few such features that can help when paired with the right map applications.

Make Your Maps Stand Out With These Features:

 Media Maps and Video

A 2D map is sometimes informational, but usually very limiting. When building an interactive map, think about all the things you would of like to put on a 2D map. Think about the features of customizable locations and integrating data feeds into your map. 

Concept3D’s interactive maps give you the ability attach videos to locations pins on your map. Attaching videos are a thing that can make your map and area seem more approachable. That way, visitors can see where a location is, and then click on it, which will bring up a video about the location, thus bringing reality to the representation!


Our map services will allow you to add just about as many of these videos as you want within your map. It’s not really possible to explore these locations any more thoroughly than to just visit them!

 Utilize Remote Touring in Your Media Maps

In the case where people can’t make it to your place in the near future, you can create a virtual tour to allow them to do it remotely. You can upload 360° panorama photos so people can have the full experience of your location. They will have the ability to tour through the building or any other location you want to show off without the need to actually be there.

The Right Information

One of the most crucial parts of getting people to your location and making sure they enjoy themselves. Traveling is stressful and being able to do research before your visit, and knowing where everything is during your trip removes that anxiety. 

To make sure that they do not feel that anxiety before or during that trip, is to have all your information easy to access. Use international language when creating locations and categories on your map. Make sure that everything you categorize all your locations into the right area, and to not have too many categories. Integrate data into your maps to help your guests know when public transportation is available to them. 

A map shows the visitor the information they need in the same way or in a similar way that we encounter it in the real world. This way, they can figure out exactly where they need to go and then go about getting there as quickly as possible, all with just a glance!


Only One Provider Has All These Features and More…

Overall, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to customizing your map and what services you would like in it. That’s why it’s important to find media map providers that will work with you to get the kind of map experience you need.  In order to do this, make sure to check out what service you find necessary for your map, so we can give you the best demo possible.

We can make the process of finding an interactive map service easy for you, though. When it comes to the best in the business, there’s no doubt that concept3D is at the top. Please contact us today to learn more, or click below for a free trial.